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On today's show co founder of melissa and doug toys melissa bernstein. Yeah unfortunately i'm thinking in my head. I cannot show this to anyone and must do whatever i can to hide it from the world. So you know i basically took two paths. I'd say the first was to deny disassociate and repress every single thing i was feeling and put on a facade of perfection and validation through achieving perfection and then the second was to retreat into my imagination when ever i could create a fictitious world with imaginary friends and like this beautiful blissful place where anything was possible in the boundless expanse per match real story of courage and creativity from story to toy story. Please forgive me. It all happens now. Good morning good afternoon. Good evening and welcome to the mental. Health comedy podcast. I'm your co host at crasnick by partner. Jennifer kalari will be launched shortly and this show where we talk about in practice mental health skills. Mental health is not only topic. It's practice so we have comedians entertainers artists and a licensed pro. My partner the first lady of serotonin jennifer kalari. Who is resilient skills brain hacks all kinds of things you can do at any moment to change how we relate to our thoughts and feelings. We practice everything in life. Could we practice mental health. And when i say we. I mean me i blame myself. I'm watching. cbs sunday morning with my daughter. And i'm watching. And i see this story. Come up about somebody whose products i bought for many many years. Many of you have. And i'm thinking of the sticker books in particular the sticker pads all of these melissa and doug toy. She's that helped all of us get through childhood with our kids if you've been apparent in the last thirty years you've you've had the products will somebody had to create those products. And you're thinking the person who created this product and this multibillion dollar company probably a pretty happy person probably pretty well probably doing you know everything. They've got to be living an amazing life while you come to find out when you watch. Cbs sunday morning that that person is actually going through a lot of pain a lot of challenge a lot of suffering a private hell depression anxiety and all kinds of other things. I was just blown away by her openness in her candor and she is here today. melissa bernstein's going to join us shortly. The co founder of melissa and doug the best toy company in the world. I wanna talk today a little bit about a few issues. I wanna talk about existential depression. What happens when you have a kid or you have a parent or you're somebody who actually suffers from existential depression. A deep deep darkness that you don't know where comes from why it's there. What do you do about that. I also wanna talk about isolation it is isolation sweeps week here on the show. It's always isolation we try to bring people out of isolation and connect. How do we do that. How do we connect to our own thoughts and feelings and make choices about what we're gonna do. How do you create pauses in your life. Pauses between what you think and what you feel and how you respond because a lot of mental health is creating a pause right so you can make a choice. Take a breath. I will not be taking a breath. Because i'm the president of the shallow breathing institute which is here in california. Okay and we'll also gonna talk about perfection. We always like to welcome people. No matter what emotional state they're in and here are emotional. Shoutouts if you have an identity fraud case against yourself. Welcome if your pedometer allows the steps you take to avoid your feelings. Welcome if you cry uncontrollably. During the moment of silence on cbs. sunday morning. Welcome if your response to wearing pants. His shock and awe. Welcome if you dropped your earbuds in the toilet more than three times. Which have welcome if you've ever used the phrase at the end of the day at the end of the day. Welcome if you wish you could get into a rewards program for emotional distancing. Welcome if you've turned potato chip eating into a workout routine during covid. Welcome and if you think amazon should start offering therapy gift cards. Welcome and if you're beating yourself up even now there's always a place right here on the mental health commie podcast with ed crasnick and jennifer clary. I wanna talk about a new sponsor product it's called overbooking dot com. Overbooking is a new service designed to help people not overbook. If you're one of those people like me who overbooks over promises under delivers this is the app for overbooking dot com and by twenty four hour. Emotional fitness centers coaches and trainers. It's the peleton for your personality. There are all kinds of products and services that go on in our twenty four hour emotional fitness center and by the new app. Make rummy this is a new app where people used the wisdom of rumi to create personal renovation and their own lives that is Roomy with the view and by therapy squad the new program. That is all about a team. Emotional superheroes crimefighting superhero believe emotional crime Crime starts inside and the superior is therapy squad help with extraordinary superpowers. We have people like the validation. Imagineering conspirator hell yasser iraqis. Roller bro playgirl. And mr sad okay and also by the be here now. Pajama pants. Which i'll tell you about later and by the new mental health comedy cookbook When you're alive everything else is gravy. All right here we go. Okay so i want to bring in our friend from the north and from the south. Jennifer kalari jennifer. You just got back from vacation in sedona and the grand canyon fast and you have no excuse to feel with lovely. It really was. Yeah so And i love now. You're from canada as most of our listeners. Now and canada not to generalize here but not only you people very polite or you're very honest about where you are and you also apologize more than i do which. I love your therapist. Can you have connected. Parenting dot com. Where you help all kinds of families and kids and you do it with media you do it with books you do it with skills you to brain hacks you do it with all kinds of education and yet the first thing you said to me this morning was i'm sorry

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