Women Empowerment With Debra Martin Chase


Right and what And i'm also curious to seeking to be a player. Martin chase production was affiliated with disney. Twenty sixteen. i believe that's right. What you own kind of walk us through. What is that like just thinking about like when you're looking at the critics when you're moving like i am and you're seeing the that you have this black girl majett Talented woman behind the scenes and she has not production following these major project. What is that like for you to have that opportunity for yourself to create your own production company so yes with the cheetah girls. I originally Sold to girls to the disney channel television series and with the same writer. Allison taylor ultimate writer and win We finished the script. International the international divisions of the disney channel had to sign off on on new television series. And win it was sent to ram. They were like well. We can't sell this because these girls aren't real. Nobody's gonna believe that. These black and latino girls in new york city are living on park avenue and live this fancy and i was so pissed off the Point show to show that people live different. Lives and you know that. These girls have big dreams and aspirations and gary mars to credit who was head of the disney channel. Bend in now at warwick president said look i. I don't control the series totally. But i do control movies in a. We'd we configure this as a movie. I can i. Can you know make that happen. And so we did and he and he did and then in success we were able to do ops into more movies in the franchise.

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