Can Netflix help solve the Isabella Stewart Gardner art heist?


Now on the eighteenth of march nineteen ninety stole thirteen works of art including masterpieces by rembrandt and vermeer from the isabella stewart gardner museum in boston massachusetts. The extraordinary story of that night and thirty years of investigation and intrigue that followed the subject of a new four part series on netflix. Could this is a robbery. I spoke to jeff siegel producer of the series about the greatest art host in history. Jeff to begin with. Let's set the scene. What happened in march. Nineteen ninety at the golden museum in boston. So saint patrick's day night in boston march seventeenth into the eighteenth. Nineteen ninety two men dressed as police officers. Ring the doorbell for the security desk at the isabella stewart gardner museum and are buzzed in pretty quickly by the guard on duty and without much effort are able to lower the guard away from the security desk away from the only panic button leading to the outside world and are able to can him have him call down the other security guard who is on the rounds and you know in just a matter of minutes. Basically taking control over the whole museum fairly effortlessly it seems like The protocol was that that it shouldn't be that easy but it turned out to be that easy and the two men obviously turn out to. Police officers handcuffed the the two guards and tie them up down in the basement of the museum before going on and eighty one minute excursion through the museum and stealing thirteen pieces of art including a few masterworks. That are just unbelievably priceless. A rembrandt storm on the sea of galilee. Another rembrandt ladies and gentlemen in black. The vermeer one only thirty four thirty five in the world. The concert as well as the one of the more curious ones being the matinee stolen from the blue room downstairs the shea tour tony as well as a few other a few other items that are not necessarily of such great value monetarily or as well known which is part of. What's kind of confounding about what what was stolen there. They stole a five day. Gos- sketches but also a chinese who and the final from an opole jahic flag which are two items. That just don't a lot of people don't really seem to fit in with everything else that was stolen

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