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And this is episode number four four eight days four. Four eight of the nosing. The show how you doing how you feel it. Great amazing good to hear. How am i. You know doing the best i can with the time. That's currently available. It would i. I'm out the show via youtube. You know what to do. So i i liked when he subscribed common below if you listen to podcasts of five star review as well as a share with help the show our long way and of course a poor patriot. It's weighs more than welcome. I applaud one. Bonus episode minimum on patriots to comb forces agostino. So if you want to get access to the bonus. Show only available to my patriot. Subscribers make sure you jump in there and get involved today at patient co fortress agostino. Patrono has eight g. o. s. h. o. to get episode bonus episode per week on there my patriot subscribers. Only don't delay get involved on dead today. How are you hope. You're good wherever you may be a tell i'm a little bit In the spratly mood is now. hours. Since i've been to my first visit jim. i'm still feeling about the author glow. I spent a very market difference in improvement on my day to day life and hopefully go forward. This should be an improvement over day to day-to-day moodley. single people. probably feel the same. Have been to been been able to go shopping and stuff because that's what was happening in the uk. We've kind of been fortunate. Even we haven't dealt with covid the best. We somehow managed yourself in the position where we have a vaccine rollout. That's been pre florida. So far i've read last time around that. Allegedly i think ninety percent of people who are at risk of already got vaccinated sir diversity had at least one job so as pre exit dec- and now we have the early trials. Early shipments i think. If i were correctly of the johnson johnson vaccine coming in which is obviously the one that's only requires one job so slowly but surely is looking like our summer. It's gonna be somewhat knew go for which again is something that is quite undeserved considering how poorly of mme dealt with everything can general. It's last year s. She tools detail in the summer and toews wintertime. We had a disastrous five day dole cut of running around thinking. It's going to be a good idea. So lows a bachelor happened but somebody can count your blessings. We rescued ourselves and now in a position where we have the possibility to have a somewhat no more quote unquote summer be able to travel. Maybe inland to know sir. Some far flung countries depending of course on their protocols of day. But just be able to kind of move around and do the things that you kind of grunted. I mentioned it prior. You know going to these into balls into clubs will. That's good stuff but just in terms of being able to pop out doors and go in see things right. Do above window shopping. Just hang around and see other. People have the hustle and bustle. Returned back to your blood flow again. Which is why. I have a. Which is. Why my estimation which. I've been saying here most likely or more. I think most most most likely to happen in the future. Definitely gonna see people going back to whatever numerous for them prior. I think this would have happened a few months prior a few was before so yeah people have been living. Were hesitant to return back to the old ways but often people are so bored of just living this sort of quasi starchy confinement life. They're willing to go back to whatever. No matter was having chaotic however intense shirts might have been is probably far better than staying indoors for pirlo period of time. Especially if you're on furlough. Jerry is just not as exciting. There's probably my explain. Why these with these crazy videos these character wearing their like arguing with kids and stuff and service workers and having the most asinine debates in battles and fights wherever it may be this philippine live in it. Maybe that's it. They just want to the they just want to fill a rush of blood circulate freely body. They want something to live for. Boever weird way to go about it. But i i kind of get it. Oddly enough so yeah. That's where we're at the moment Update the gym stuff labor. Let's get in. Let's get in on the show actually lows again to make sure you give drink coffee which is probably the best idea but hey you living outside the beloved guest nibble on trying to drink. Let's get in both in the show so first things first. Obviously the gym's open so that's been a good mark for me right obviously to get back into going out working out and making sure that i have that balance.

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