We Tested the Alpha Beta Exfoliating Body Treatment Peel


I've been testing out the dr dennis. Gross skin-care alpha beta exploiting body treatment peel. So it's fifty eight. Us dollars and seventy six canadian dollars for just eight towelettes so definitely up there. But the price point I was a little surprised at that price. Point so comes in a box of age. But i've noticed that they've just started selling a box of two so the box of two is sixteen. Us dollars and twenty one canadian so if you just want to try it and that's a little bit more reasonable. Okay so what it is. It's an all over body polishing treatment. That visibly improves. The look of ingrown hairs caritas. Polaris dry skin and helps reduce the appearance of body blemishes in on even skin tone so comes in this foil packet. Carlini conner looks like the size of like two credit cards put side by side and textured towel when it's unwrapped it measures eight and a half inches by five and a half inches. Okay the biggest difference between this and the peel for face is there's no like step to quote unquote. You know with the alphabet appeal. You normally do step one. You let it sit on the face. And then you like neutralize the peel. Okay you do not oh interest. Oh that's like a significant difference. So they say you can use this on normal dry combination oily skin and it's really to address uneven texture. Acne bunches dryness. I personally loved this product. And for me i do get a lot of breakouts on my back and i have been getting more. It's so annoying just because my hair is so long right now. Because i haven't had a haircut and a frigging year So i thought that this was amazing to get like the way down your back and those really hard to reach areas. I get a lot of like congestion around like even my bra strap yet and then on the back of my arms and then you can use at around the bikini line so used it around there. I just felt like you got so much. Use out of one towel. And you're you really only have to use that. They say recommended like two times a week. I think you could do it even like once every ten days or so and still see the results.

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