Christina Applegate Shares Her Battle With Breast Cancer


Is not here to talk about her latest movie or new. Tv show actress christina. Applegate is here to tell her own story because she knows that there are millions of women watching right now and she wants to use this opportunity to speak about what she's learned about her own very recent battle with breast cancer. Every woman who has a breast or has to breasts cannot afford to miss this show. Welcome christina applegate grade. Don't be nervous. They're very friendly are beautiful. How are you doing how are you. I'm good if there are any survivors out there. You know that how many people in here are survivors. Wow i didn't know that then up so awesome all right so you guys know. It can be a little uncomfortable after five weeks. But that's about it really really comfortable. The recovery process is painful. Yeah it's it can be very painful and as you know women no it's also a part of you that's gone so you you go through a grieving process in a morning process. So that's that can be difficult some days. Yes some days yeah okay. Let's start from the beginning. Was someone with you when you found out. Yes my friend. Rachel was with me on for regular mammogram. Now you know i. I've been getting mammograms. Since i was thirty. Because of high-risk i've mother with rest cancer and and so my doctor said that the mammograms weren't enough for me because at the dennis of my breasts so he suggested that i get an mri last year. So i went and got the mirai and they found some some funky things going on. And i had a biopsy and this was about a week after my biopsy i found out they call you on the

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