A highlight from #127: Processing Trauma through EMDR with Laura Taylor


This group is for you if you're an adoptive mom if you're curious about the graham new to it or if you already love the graham if you want to explore your option journey in a deep and meaningful way if you want to have better understanding of how god made you and why you do what you do and lashley if you crave community and connection with other adoptive mom's so we are super super excited about this new group. We do have a facebook group that has started already and we'll be meeting a couple times a month on zoom with some themed conversation. We just could not be more thrilled to be digging so deep into what our journey has for us as people at his mom's and i think especially because of cove it and the lack of like in person connection when we've started some of these conversations already and the deep deep connection is like feeding my soul. I love it me too. I'm so thrilled about this group and right now you can be a founding member. We are just getting rolling if you like to be in on the ground floor of things and if you want to pay a special founding member monthly fee we invite you to jump right in with us you can find more information or become a founding member at the adoption connection dot com slash collective. Welcome to the adoption connection podcast where we share resources by enfor adoptive and foster moms. I'm lisa qualls and this is melissa. Corkum don't worry we get it and we're here for you. Hey friends welcome to the adoption connection. Podcast episode one hundred twenty seven. We do our best here at the podcast to bring you natural stories but also really practical tools. We think will be really helpful for you to consider as you think about what the next step is. Or what's best for your family and this week we are having a guest to talk about. Em d. which is a topic that we know comes up a lot in our facebook group and things like that but we just never had a chance to explore it. Here on the podcast. We're really excited to bring that to you today. Yes we've talked about having a therapist on probably over the last year. We've talked about it several times so really pleased that. We're able to bring this to you today. I had a great conversation with laura taylor who lives with her husband and of almost twenty three years and their two boys ages. Sixteen in twelve in north. Idaho actually not too too far from me. Laura graduated with her. Msw in two thousand one and then completed her basic training. Em are in two thousand five. She is an md certified therapist and approved consultant in private practice. She finds amd art therapy to be very helpful for clients with attachment wounds as well as many other types of traumatic and distressing life experiences. Which i know many of us are dealing with in our family. So

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