A highlight from The Candace Owens Show: Best of Hollywood


On your mark get set world. I give you roseanne. barr nicole. Arbour mario lopez. Mr adam corolla bryan callen. You have any liberal fronts. Oh yeah everybody in my family's liberal you kidding drive me but i i just I accept what they are you know. They didn't have an arm. Or something. I guess except pray for him and you know i i listen to their you know like one trump won it. I had broke my leg. And i was in this hotel san francisco and it was my birthday on november third so all my family came and they were with me when we have the election. You know sixteen. And i tell everybody he's trump's gonna win by eighty percent. Wow you know they're telling me the whole time. There's no way you know the whole thing and my one daughter she'll be very angry at me but she's really liberal and trump once she started crying. I'm not kidding. Tears running down her tears running down her cheeks and this is what she said. Get a deep the gays. That's what she said as a as a white guy you get pulled over by cops for no front license plate and the guys that do but you don't go. Oh it's because i'm white the cops do you know and you. He's i do deals all the time or the bank's not gonna lend you the money you gotta put up forty percent unlike. Why do i need to put a forty percent. Have a the rule is. But i don't go. Oh it's because i just go. Those are the rules or have a neighbor who's being unreasonable. And if i was black. I might go with that old man's racist but i'm white. I go that old man's just douche so my real privilege and being white is not really getting privileges. It's just knowing that the whole world is basically this way right and it's true. Let's one hundred percent true and it's almost like the lens of racism. is preventing people from being able to accurately assess what's happening. They don't know that the bad exist people have a bad day. You get a cup off. You're just having a horrible day. You never know. Maybe he's been up since On the rose three. Am and his boss is coming. Everybody has a bad day including police officers. We know society is not perfectible with the left sort of cells black individuals. This idea that it's like anything bad. That happens to because of color. Not because of this is just the life. Welcome to life condition of life. There are people are people. Suck people are mean people say mean things And you can have a bad day and for some reason. Black people have started to adopt this idea that we are specials note. We are special snowflakes. We are literally society special snowflakes. Anything happens bad to us. It is because of systemic oppression systemic racism. And we're seeing that being perpetuated by people like al sharpton jesse jackson who have race hustled this society. Do you think comedians are losing their spine. A little bit afraid. I'll tell you. Why unfortunately i think everybody's really afraid i've seen this with my own eyes. I've had very powerful people. Call me and tell me this because the truth is it's very easy to destroy someone's life and take everything away from them everything they've worked for Happened to me and it's happened to a lot of people i know. And it doesn't take any proof. It takes an allegation. It takes a tweet and you know people think when you get fired for tweet you sent out ten years ago. Fifteen years ago. And you're joking around. There is no redemption online. And it's it's it's when you have a mortgage and you have children to pay for. You're gonna choose that course you're going to choose to protect your ability to keep that roof over your head your car payments and your children in school over an ideology so what happens is we are living in this time. We are not allowed to speak your mind. You're not allowed to get closer to the truth. You better be on one side or you better be very quiet and now you can't even be quiet now with this notion of critical race theory and stuff even silence as violence right. It's just what's going on. There are some very bad ideas out there and they're not the ideas that gave us the free society that we have. The only way we move forward is through debate through the exercise of free ideas. And let's see whose ideas best. That's what i think. Their words on the internet just or hurt that much literally log off of twitter. Any moment i say to myself. It's just incredible to me. Like people had to live like real stuff like world wars great depressions and like right now like our great wars. Like i can't deal with mean world mean words in the internet animals like toughen up. it's true trade off. You know those people get mad that are like super woke and stuff. You've never been through shit. That how i know. You've never been through real shifts. You're mad at words on the internet or your mad at an article and the just the hypocrisy. I know you see it but like kids. Don't do drugs wall. They have blowing their nose. Hollywood or like don't bully while the same celebrities are posting shit on twitter tearing down either the president or someone else might josh all weight off one day. I'm going to actually release like the private messages between me. And jamila joe angelil or whatever. The on this you know the actress that was my podcast but then cancelled it. Because i said only women can give birth. I made that mistake of saddam. Babies saying the truth on the internet. I made that mistake. Well that's why. Yeah that's true though But prior to that she was like messaging me privately on on where would come out on a man. I just don't know what her. I'm trying to patriot using it hurts. It's not nice to even think about. It was just weird. This i mean the amount of tax and the nastiness with things that she said to me. And i actually said to her. I just want to confirm your an anti bullying activist and she said well. We'll yeah but i'm just dishing it to you because you dish it to other people all your the vigilante bully got it. Okay okay so you go around. And you decide who you're allowed to attack base off of what you decide people you know what people you think are deserving of those words. Oh you're so hypocritical. It is interesting to to see for a party that or community that's supposed to be all about inclusivity and diversity There with you unless it's ever thought right or they want you to look different but think the same like they're okay. Everybody looks different. But as long as they are in lockstep. May think the same. And i agree with you that i think it. It runs counter to creativity. So when i grew up i used to watch all of the stand up. Comedians and chris rock big there was one bigger and blacker. It's comedic gold so offensive in that go back and watch it. He's making fun of school shooters like. He's definitely going to be a white guy a white crime right and he's in the room and he's mocking people for being white black being hispanic and everyone's cracking up and what people miss about this. This culture of being so sensitive is that when you're able to mock everyone an mock yourself it actually brings you closer. you stop taking yourself so seriously in comedians. I'd be the i'd be so apprehensive of wanting to get into comedy right now because you feel so handcuff now you the situation with kevin. Hart awhile back. And what he's going to host the oscars and then he had for something he said. And that's another slippery slope when you start going back years.

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