The President Of Brazil Is Facing His Biggest Political Crisis


The virus is killing more people each day in Brazil than it is anywhere else. And now this week political battle erupted pitting the president gyre Belson Aro against his closest ally, the military. NPR's Philip Reeves has more It was shy. ABORTION. AUTOS BIRTHDAY The other day, he turned 66 Boston out to mark the occasion by coming out of the presidential palace. Lambasting mayors and governors who trying to keep Brazilians off the streets by imposing pandemic restrictions. Thies tyrants are hindering your freedom. Also, now don't tells his supporters you can count on the army to defend your rights. Both tomorrow has a habit of talking about bristles army like this, says Eagle Gill of editor at large at Foley, a newspaper All the terms of all so I was really, really weak. He resorted to the military guys. Sometimes Paulson Arrow even uses the term my army says Kill. Off my army. Come on. It's not the Army's Brazilian army's. Most of that is irony. So it is very, very annoying to them. On Monday, both scenarios suddenly fired his defense minister, apparently because the minister believed Brazil's armed forces should stay out of politics. The next day, the Chiefs of all three services, Army, Navy and Air Force decided to quit in protest that sent a message to the president, says Octavio Amalie, Netto. Professor of political science that they should Tullio Vargas Foundation in Real ish Nero. They made it clear that he is not gonna further politicize the institutional Armored forces. Both tomorrow is NAMI captain from the far right. He was elected with huge support from Brazil's military. Generals hold key government positions. Nettle thinks they've become too close to the Boston Auto Administration. They made a big mistake. They let themselves be associate it with the government. And they benefited

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