Flooding (MM #3659)

The Mason Minute


The with kevin mason have been ringing. Got over the last few days has nashville's made the national news. Once again for flooding. It was almost eleven years ago when we had our big one the hundred year flood or the thousand year flood or whatever. You wanna call it. The one where we got thirteen inches of rain in forty eight hours and national was pretty well destroyed. Shut down a shopping mall near my house and while the neighborhood i now live in which he didn't live in then was partially underwater. This wasn't as bad. It's only the second worst rainfall in national history with something like seven inches in forty eight hours but more importantly four people are dead. One hundred and thirty people had to be rescued. And you'd think by now we'd have something figured out but we don't at something weird about flooding. you figure. I lived in virginia beach off and on for a decade and we never had the flooding problems. We have here. We were buying ocean. It doesn't make any sense. I realize it's the rain. It's the valley we live in. It's kind of sad when people have to check into find out if we're still here nationals the it city and when you decide to move here you may need to bring along some light. Preserves and canoe paddles just saying.

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