Caterpillar's rugged Android phone suited to gov's dirty work


Right. Let's talk a little more about rugged gear. Alison all right. Rugged gear is in caterpillar has brought its rugged cats s sixty two pro phone to the united states for six hundred ninety nine dollars gotten mid range phone specs but includes a flip thermal. Sorry that's not supposed to be flipped. That's supposed to be a flare thermal imaging camera a temperature alarm can stand up to one point. Five meters of water for thirty minutes and high pressure spe spray also known as ip sixty eight sixty nine it meets the mill standard eight ten military standard for vibrations and thermal shock concluding six foot drops onto a steel surface and casio unveiled. Its first rugged we're os smartwatch. What's new is the dual air display with an always on. Lcd display the time and then they combine that with a regular full colour lcd for map sensor data and more it has titanium back shock water resistant to two hundred meters. Gps compass altitude barometric pressure heart rate and more claimed one point five day battery life using the color. Lcd or up to a month on the time display the casio g squad. Pro w. h. One thousand and the seven hundred dollar g. s. w. h. One thousand arriving in mid may

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