We are spending more on smartphone apps than ever before

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More signs that we're spending more in the app store. I told you yesterday of global numbers from any those had folks spending record amounts in apple's app store as well as the google play store both seeing revenue growth of forty percent in the first quarter of twenty twenty one with combined revenue of thirty two billion dollars. Now a piece from tech crunch has new data from sensor tower estimating how much iphone and one assumes ipad users are spending on apps here in the states according to the center tower estimates iphone users in the us spend an average of one hundred thirty eight dollars on apps and twenty twenty. A number of the firm expectancy grow. It's kind of funny but not there was a piece ice. On apple's read out oh that had goldman sachs analysts hall being so rod hall. I couldn't bring myself to bring you the report blending down. He still has a cell rating on apple shares. That's partly because he sees op store revenue taking a dive as the country. Reopened post covid. Nineteen so he can't imagine apple doing well but he has no problem imagining things getting back to normal so fast. It hurts apple's line. That's beyond imagining for center tower. They say the record up spend by consumers ends one twenty twenty was driven by the great hunker down. And guess what's going to drive growth in twenty twenty one. According to the report senator tower tells tech crunch it expects the trend of increased consumer spend continuing twenty twenty one when it projects consumer spend per active iphone in the us to reach an average of one hundred eighty dollars. This will again be tied at least in part to the left caused by the pandemic and particularly the lift and pandemic fueled spending on mobile games because right mobile games where the big winner in twenty twenty

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