Not gonna play the whole game.


There that dream. I got a technical last night as well before he was The game just for good measure. Not gonna play the whole game. I'm gonna get a little banged up and I'm gonna pick up my technical foul before I leave just for good measure. With all the range and length of these warriors have it. It's funny. I was listening to Steve Kerr with T K B last week, and it was a funny clip that knbr dot com put out that it was on the can be our social pages as well. Instagram and Twitter. About about Tom Tolbert seem what's funny about a lot of the warrior players or players just in general in the N B. A is the lack of ability to play close out defense. And what's Tom Tolbert was saying was that I think Tom is so great when he talks about this stuff because he's one of those players that had Tomo mentally work and go the extra mile to stay on the floor, right. He didn't necessarily have all the physical attributes that some of even his teammates at and so some of these intricacies that he's looking at when he watches the defensive prowess of a player or things that I think he had to take on himself or

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