A highlight from Im a Bit Perturbed


Tom tom. We've been all over the world everywhere but here gase man just been what a couple of weeks i see just last week. I was here the week before. I believe i'll remember though. No no can man. This is all blur trask. Two weeks are blair drew. What's going on man. What's new what's bothering what's shaking was going on in tom-tom land was up at the tommy pickles in his adventures with a regrets doing which i love to I'm trying to think right. Now we have Have said there some events this weekend okay. Art of adulting. The home at art of adulting are doing something nice. The homeys girl busy doing something. Nice throwing shade. This week was that. Throwing shade is at capital delhi on new street. Okay and have you ever been to chicken whiskey. Yeah okay so. It's kind of the same vibe. No i used to do Residency over a couple. Okay yes back bar speakeasy situation right. Yeah which i got going on over there i. I was just mentioning the things that i might attend this weekend. Oh i don't think there's too much. Oh i take that back. We're having a brothers and threads present is it are back open in the original spot which original like we always had the room when whenever we're doing lime lime was we're adding an additional room to what we already have. The regular room is always open. Gotcha so brothers and threads literally as simple as it sounds whole branch of brothers and how that are Interested in threads interested in threats. Last vintage for resigns just black white whatever. We're all just coming together talking about clothes and really the purpose of it is to create community so like you know sometimes as a designer you know. Let's say nick from ten is good at scars and this guy over here is good at suits right. You know maybe that turns into a pocket square or something like that. It's the sharing of resources sharing of information. And just come rotary. That's what it's about for us. Brothers and three brothers and threats. Let's on a couple of delhi. I forgot the name throwing shaves matthias. Well actually one of our our neighbors here in in Doing full service neighbors. Not the right word. But you know what i mean. Broadcast mate broadcast broadcast mate. Matthias okay all right cool. So i take it. Unite coming to the united coming to the all

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