Interview With Emma Grede


Emma thank you so much for coming on the show. Welcome to skimmed from the couch. How i thank you so much for having way and mary excited to talk to you about everything that you've done but first let's jump into skimming your resume so my best job was when i was like twelve and i had to pay around and it gave me my best taste of cash. Which was just wonderful pitches stopped working since then. I went through the hosted in my life working in retail. And i had always weighty being about sasha i loved that world i come from place where you know. It was really devoid of any kind of fashion obama. So i found was really gravitating towards you. Know just the beauty and the supermodels and the brands you know. As i was growing up it was all about the saatchi and chanel and families that working in designer stores in and then my first proper job of coming out of college. I studied business at the london college of fashion and went straight into fashion. Show production avow myself in this really all. Its little niche because in london guests there. Was this amazing. You know london fashion week. Where all of these brilliant designers but nobody really had the money to put on this show. So i ended up in this strange donation of sponsorship and kind of creighton bronze collaborations with the great and the good of the british fashion industry. And that's weighty. Where taught my teeth. And i think that when i think about what it is today and where i've found my success it already started in those early days of being a production company and really learning how to bridge the gap between the creative businesses that fashion all and and more commercial bronze. And so. yeah. That was it for me. That's that was the beginning of it when something that people would be surprised to know about you. Oh i mean. I guess he will probably be surprised to know like how much about makeup i am. I guess maybe that's not something that you always associated with. Somebody who's an entrepreneur like my favorite thing to do is cooking and making things nice at the house. I'm an absolute festive fruit. Like the idea that. I get thanksgiving on top of christmas. Now i'm living in america could not be a need better. I'm not get to do that. Twice is at christmas participate so right now. That's all i think about is that. What is my thanksgiving menu table. Go look greg bat. That is my job. Elevate okay so. I love opening up our questions with entrepreneurs like yourself by talking about your childhood because our childhoods shape all of us and informs ultimately who we are in in how we make decisions. I want you to paint a picture for us about how you grew up in how you think that's shaped you. Yeah it's a great question on a great more. I failed so much of may an how i behave. How i treat people have chosen to comes from my childhood and you know i had a reedy great childhood. I grew up for e kind of a poll basically in east london very deprived area. And i say it so blatantly as that is because you know. It wasn't only devoid of glamour. It was completely devoid of opportunities. Everybody in that community had lived there their entire lives and you seemingly could get out of it. It was a huge jack of opportunity. A huge lacquers education and i saw for myself in my mother who really kind of broke through an managed to create something else for. She was a single mother with four children and my mom found herself. You know working in the stock exchange becoming a trader having a job for twenty plus years at morgan stanley. And that for me was you know it was just like a gateway sunday could see that you know you could create with with a lot of hard work and today and if you really did that you get rid of that to pay off then you could really really really change your outlook very very early on i. I really believe that the harder. I what the more likely would be to get myself out of. Why soares a pretty kind of dire situation but of course when you live and you grow up like that doing something you know. I could understand it if you're a doctor lawyer or going into banking fashion just didn't seem like a way out to me and so there are times in my life where i definitely thought. Oh am i on the wrong path which is ultimately why. I went and studied business at the london college fashion. Because i believe that. If i could set that foundation in business and have this specialism fashion that at least it would ground me that if all that fun bit didn't work out. I'd still have the basics of business. And i could go and run construction company. Also something

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