Counterpoint Research Foresees Big Things for Apple iPhone

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Off now to europe where counterpoint research sees big iphone shape things while smartphone sales fell fourteen percent in europe last year and iphone. Sales fell four percent by counter points reckoning. The jesus phone came roaring back at the end of the year with iphone grabbing thirty percent market share in the december quarter that had iphone edging out samsung with its twenty nine percent and leaving all other players in the dust. According to the report while the later than usual launch of iphone twelve may have some wondering what might have been counterpoint counters that the late launch may have been a boon quoting the firm the decision to delay the launch of iphone twelve appears to pay offer for two reasons first and gave the iphone eleven and iphone s. e. the opportunity to demonstrate remarkable longevity selling continuously well in many markets throughout the year and second it build up the for the new device. Which when finally launched in october sold spectacularly all that santa kinda. Wanna put an asterisk by this story. I saw a couple of pieces based on the same counterpoint. Memo the aforementioned piece apple must and another from cult of mac. I wanted to dig deeper on that memo but the link is dead on both sites so they said what they said. It's unclear whether they took it back or just had trouble on the interwebs

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