NASCAR Homestead XFinity Recap

The Final Lap


Right. I've got your xfinity series action from homestead miami speedway this past weekend a wild race to say the least noah gregson crashing while leading with two laps to go out and just an all guys awful season continues pounding the wall. He gets a thirty eighth place. Finish setting the stage for miot snyder. He picks up his first career series. Win in a double overtime finish. I mean i yelled damage to myself After after this tyler was in front of me. But i knew i still had another chance to get after him and i knew that you know with him restarting the race even more of a chance to spend the wheels itself. I kind of just tried to play this role conservatively to get launch as i could and working out for me so Senator out for me really well and we got We got tax later invention lined streets grucci thing larson's great team team operator richard trump's raising the great organization with so just absolutely stokes to be here all right. Let's see here. Brandon jones was second followed by daniel henrich jeb burton and austin cedric rounds out the top five as that series is heading west to las vegas motor speedway coming up this weekend point standing. Show austin syndrich. He is leading by two thousand nine over. My snyder followed by daniel hamrick. Jeb burton and brandon jones rounding out the top five

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