CompTIA Security+ SY0601 update. Everything you need to know

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We are excited to have patrick lane today. Patrick is the director of products at compton. And we've done a few webinars with him in the past he always does a great job providing us updates on come tears certifications so excited to have you back patrick A little bit about his background. He directs the it workforce skills certifications come to you including security plus pen test plus c y plus and casper plus he assisted the us national cyber security alliance also known as the ncsa to create the lockdown. You're logging campaign to promote multi factor. Authentication nationwide us also implemented a wide variety of it projects including an internet and help desk for eleven thousand end users. Patrick is an armed forces. Communications electronics association lifetime member born and raised on us military bases and has authored and co authored multiple books including hack proofing lennox a guide to open source security so a fantastic guests with us today. I'm excited to pass it off to patrick here in just a moment after we review the agenda so today we will touch on what is security plus Patrick talk about the baseline cybersecurity skills. The job roles and growth indicators. We'll talk about the differences between s wise zero six zero one versus the five. Oh one and kind of some of the updates. There will talk about the exam details and then as mentioned i will pass it off to patrick for questions. So feel free to submit those questions using the qna panel At anytime so with that I'm going to go ahead and give give the control over to patrick here to get us started. Thank you everyone. My name is patrick lane. And as thank you for introducing me. I'm the product manager for competition cybersecurity certifications as a director. I work a lot with the industry and within comp tia in to ensure that our exams are meeting the needs of the industry security plus as one of our largest certifications of all comp. Tia in fact. It's our number one certification and so one of the reasons why people are coming to security plus is because of the skills that it offers and the fact that employers are hiring people who have security plus social security plus will help you get a job in it and cybersecurity so when we look at the certification we have to remember that security plus as an entry level certification exam it was released in two thousand two and it's updated every three years it assesses the baseline or core technical skills required to secure networks software hardware devices essentially it teaches you the basics to securing anything that's attached to a network or the internet. It's a broad range of cybersecurity skills as you can imagine. A any skills are used for high performance on the job so people are coming to take security plus because it proves that they can do the job and employers will know that they could get the job done so the it certification in general is very valuable also security plus appears nearly ten percent of all job ads in the united states and right now sixteen percent of the entire workforce has security plus and we have millions of people who have taken our commttiee exams around the globe. In the last three years. There have been a lot of changes in cybersecurity. Probably all aware of the industry continues to grow their continued to be more jobs available. There continued to be not enough people to fill those jobs and in fact in some cases employers are looking to icy certifications employers are looking to it certifications in lieu of a college degree. Four jobs. That are hard to hire for. They would rather hire someone with the bachelor degree and assert if they could but in this day and age or enough phenomenal time of human history.

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