What We Know About the Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Cyberattack


Over the weekend. We learned of a ransomware attack on colonial pipeline. The operator of the mean fuel pipeline on the east coast of the us yesterday the federal bureau of investigations. That at suspects a group called dark side believed to be operating in eastern europe was behind the attack for the latest on all this as well as the impact. I'm joined now by our cybersecurity reporter. David bertie. hey dave thanks for joining him enda. Okay so bring us up to speed on this attack. What do we know about how unfolded so colonial pipeline issued. A statement friday saying that they proactively took down some of their systems in response to a ransomware attack. They did this. Presumably in the hope that it wouldn't spread to other parts of their computer networks but the details of why exactly they did that. What data might have been affected whether these attackers potentially jumped to different companies. That are either tied in as suppliers or customers to the pipeline. All of that is still unclear and unfolding colonial issued. A new statement early. Monday saying that they're taking a sort of step by step approach in the hope of bringing some of their pipeline online later in the week. But i think a lot of details about what exactly happened including you know the specifics of what motivated the attackers behind. It are still going to come out in the coming days and weeks and months and so the fbi is pointing the finger at this group. Dark side which is as we said believed to be operating out of eastern europe. What else do we know about this group in many cases some of these sophisticated hacking gangs operate out of countries. Where they're basically not prosecuted for hacking into us based companies. That's often times and places like north korea. iran or post soviet states. So dark side is believed to be this ransomware group which targets in often cases companies in the hope of extracting some sort of financial payout right and they said as much in a statement posted to their website on monday. Dark side said that it only goal was to make money and that it wasn't tied to a quote defined

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