'The Underground Railroad’: Oscar Winner Barry Jenkins Returns With Limited Series


Miniseries adaptation of the Colson Whitehead novel, The Underground Railroad premieres on Amazon Prime Both the book and the Serie Center around Cora and enslaved woman who escapes from a plantation in Georgia and travels through a literal underground train system in search of freedom. And while the series does depict the traumatic reality of slavery, early reviews have lauded it for not sensationalizing the violence shown on screen as well as for emphasizing the humanity of the enslaved characters. Much of the project success can be credited to Barry Jenkins Theosophy are winning filmmaker behind Moonlight and If Beale Street could talk here he is on the take away back in 2018 talking about his plans for the underground railroad. Most clearly I can say about it is, you know the hero's journey, and I remember as a kid, you know, hearing about the underground railroad for the first time and really literally imagining to two trains. Running underground. And so I think that reading Coulson's book kind of reactivated the childhood kind of off, you know, around just like the power the ingenuity, you know of black folks to create this path to freedom, and I thought the best way to tell that was to go on the four hero's journey. So I was really happy to partner with Amazon and find a place where we could tell the story on the course of 89 10 hours.

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