Tom Cruise Returns Golden Globe Awards in Protest of HFPA

Daily Pop


Now. The golden globes controversy is getting nasty h f p has been called out for their lack of diversity. They have zero black members. Scarlett johansson says the displayed. Sexist behavior will nbc just announced. They will not air. The show next year and tom cruise reportedly returned the trophies won over the years. What do you think about. Tom returning his awards. Would you ever do this jodi. Yeah absolutely if it was if it came from. If i got an award for something that you know it came from somewhere that has now been proven to not have diversity and i don't want the recognition from this particular group i. I actually really commend him for doing that. Says a lot and tom cruise doing it. I think Sets a precedent for other stars to not only stand up for it but also to feel comfortable in saying like i'm with i'm with these other actors. You know they they might not feel so alone ins in standing up for it. And i think it's really it's really important. I mean it's shocking. The age of p. a. has no black members. I it's twenty twenty one. What are you what is

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