When Crisis Strikes With Dr. Jennifer Love


Hello everyone welcome to the addictive mind. My guest today is dr. Jennifer love arthur of when crisis strikes jennifer. Please introduce yourself. Hi thanks for having me today. My name is dr jennifer laugh. And i am a psychiatrist. Also word certified in addiction. Psychiatry and addiction medicine. I'm in a large group practice outpatient and so my sweet spot medicine is the overlap of psychiatric symptoms anxiety stress insomnia etc with either substance use disorders or behavioral addictions and. Treat everything from trauma to schizophrenia. You name it. I do it in the brain. I love got while also a ton of ton of knowledge and a ton of experience. It sounds like Too many years of higher education will leave that. I think that's going to be good. Because i have a ton of questions as we were talking a little bit earlier before we started recording. I have a ton of questions about anxiety stress in the brain and you know win were in crisis and especially this last year of cove it all of that anxiety and stress so if a ton of questions about that but first i want to know a little bit more about you and what motivated you to write this book and and put it out there so i met my co author. Idaho wrote when crisis strikes with a norwegian clinical neuropsychologist and we realized how different our backgrounds are but there is a lot of overlap. And when i decided i wanted to start writing

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