Keratin 101

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There's so many different treatments on the market that we hear about. There's brazilian blowout. There's karen there is all plexus. We're going to have them on in two weeks. But like i think sometimes it's like They all are like doing something with the hair. And we see the picture where the hair looks like an angry So the shaft is angry and then it smooth and its moods Out of the category. And we're for that episode to air in in whenever it does because carlton smoothing treatments are in a category of their own. I won't tell you that they are all different they all Slightly shift your curl pattern whether have frizz curl tank or wave. That's all going to be affected a little bit. A lot of it all depends on how long process it in how how deep in your stylus goes in. you can talk to your stylist. About how straight you want your hair for a little bit of body or if you just want that for his to be gone and still keep your curl. All of those options are available for you today. Where before we just had straight right now we have everything in between right. The number one thing that i would share with you is do not do this on a groupon. We say this all the time about beauty treatments. This is another one because you never know what they're mixing in the back they could tell you one thing and then do the

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