A highlight from Mobley (Ep. 22, 2021)

In Black America


From the university of texas at austin k. u. Ut radio this is in black america when you have to move from one environment to another lot you get good at teaching yourself things you get good at adapting to new situations and observing learning the rules especially as a kid you there. There's so much to learn about the ways in which you know the bigger culture you're in operates but then also the smaller culture in schools and and all that sort of stuff so I think it just kinda gave me a disposition of Being an observer and being willing to take on a lot of different kinds of influences in that has That is definitely borne out in my music career as well singer. Songwriter and multi instrumentalist mobile. If you don't know who he is you either have been living under iraq are not paying attention. Mobile has a one of a kind artists. He spent his childhood moving from country to country with his military pamphlet his exposure given cultures influencing and broadening his career and creativity at a very young age at the age of two. You heard symphony recording and after his mother what instrument that was she told him it was a violin. Two young the play at that age he had to wait until five to get his first violin from there. He began this journey in middle school. He began learning how to play the trumpet and in high school. We picked up the qatar jump piano and bass child with follow soon after recently. The austin texas based artist has released a new ap and title young and diane and the accident. supreme. I'm john. Johansen junior and welcome to another edition of in black america on this week's program mobile in black america

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