A highlight from Warren persists: Fighting for wealth tax she proposed on campaign on Senate Finance Cmte.


Now it's time for the last word with lonzo. Donald getting lights. Rachel and you are going to be making an appearance in the next hour in fact very early in this hour because elizabeth warren is our first guest tonight. And we're going to show some of that video of you with elizabeth warren in her home in cambridge right after she announced she was dropping out of the presidential campaign. Because it was such a fascinating and moving our television that you did that night out with senator warren And she you know is still with us of course in so many ways and she in the book she talks about losing and how there are more things that can happen than you just lose a campaign there are more dimensions to losing than people realize including some of the winds but come from losing like getting joe biden the nominee to adopt ideas that she impressed upon him somewhat against his will during presidential debates for example. Yeah and also. I mean in the case of elizabeth warren turning out to be maybe the most influential member of the democratic party in washington in terms of getting personnel into key roles in the biden administration. I mean you look at people who've been associated with elizabeth warren who have worked for her who have been who have worked with there who have been proteges. Her who have been partners of her. Who ended up in key positions inside the biden administration. I'm not sure there's anybody else in the democratic party. Who has exerted that much influence if you think of personnel as policy She's a force in the biden administration from her perch in the senate I also learned today social media that she gives her dog bailey a burrito every year for his birthday. And now that means. I can't go home because my dogs figured out to use twitter. And so i can't show my face because they know that that happens except not to them and bailey was was quite a character in your hour. Long interview with senator after she dropped the presidential race. The three of you were in that room for the entirety of the hour. As i recall. That's lawrence thank you my friend but ritual thank you when you think of elizabeth. Warren you think persist some of us think of the exact words that elizabeth warren's most powerful opponents in the united states senate said about her while condemning her on the floor of the united states senate quote nevertheless she persisted elizabeth warren and her voters in massachusetts and the millions of voters around the country. Who voted for her for president all took that condemnation as a complement. Nevertheless she persisted the seed for the title of elizabeth. Warren new book persist was planted on march nineteenth. Nineteen eighty six when reverend martin luther king junior's widow coretta scott king wrote a letter to these segregationist republican chairman of the senate judiciary committee strom thurmond. Opposing president reagan's nomination of jeff sessions for a federal judgeship in alabama. Where jeff sessions served as us attorney in her letter critic. Scott king said mr sessions has used the awesome powers of his office in a shabby attempt to intimidate and frighten elderly black voters elizabeth warren read that letter on the senate floor when she stood in opposition to then senator jeff sessions nomination to be donald trump's first attorney general rule. Nineteen of the senate prohibits senators from saying the kinds of things that coretta scott king said about jeff sessions. Long before he was a senator senator. Warren could have said that same thing about any other nominee as long as that nominee was not a member of the united states. Senate rule nineteen says. No senator in debate shall directly or indirectly by any form of words. Impute to another senator or to other senators any conduct or motive unworthy or unbecoming a senator and so after elizabeth warren red credit scott king's letter on the senate floor mitch. Mcconnell interrupted senator war present president the majority leader centers appear in the motive and conduct of our colleague from alabama as worn by the chair. Senator warren quote said senator sessions has used the awesome power of his office to chill the free exercise of the vote by black. Shouldn't call senator order under the provisions of rule. Nineteen mr president sanford massachusetts mr president. I am surprised that the words of coretta scott king are not suitable for debate in the united states senate. She was worn. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless she persisted nevertheless she persist for women. Senators ran for the democratic nomination for president in twenty twenty elizabeth. Warren was the last woman in the race when she decided to end her presidential campaign two days after super tuesday that night at her home in cambridge massachusetts in an hour. Long discussion with rachel. Maddow senator warren said this now. We can't lose hope because the only way may may change. Is we get back up tomorrow when we get back in the fight we persist. That is how we make change and it feels like we're never gonna make change until we make change. We were never going to elect a catholic until we elected a catholic. We're we're never going to elect a black man until we like that. A black man. We're never going to elect a woman until the woman so we're just gonna stay in this. Serving eight years in the senate senator. Warren is finally going to be in the room. Where tax law is written because in january at the beginning of her ninth year in the senate elizabeth warren became the newest democratic member of the senate finance committee with jurisdiction over taxation but even as their junior most member of the senate. Finance committee senator. Warren has been named the chair of the subcommittee on fiscal responsibility and economic growth. And last week in her. First hearing as the chair of that finance committee subcommittee. She brought up the idea that she made famous in the presidential campaign. A wealth tax tax reform is just about choices we can let our roads and bridges crumble not upgrade broadband make no investments in child care or getting led out of drinking water and let rich people keep paying taxes at about half the rate as everyone else or we can ask those at the very top to pay a wealth tax. We can require giant corporations to pay a tax on book prophets. We can get serious about tax enforcement for the rich and powerful. Those three changes in the tax code would give us trillions more than we need in order to pay for president biden's infrastructure plan and his care economy plan. It's all about choices leading off. Our discussion tonight is democratic. Senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts. She is now the chair of the subcommittee on fiscal responsibility and economic growth in the senate finance committee. Her new book released today is called persist. senator. Warren thank you very much for joining us tonight. It is a real pleasure to have you here. Thank you for having me. I'm just delighted to be with you this evening. You know that opening image that we just saw view in the finance committee hearing room sitting in what has always been the chairman's chair Is very special to me. Because i think you'll like this. The very first woman when i was at the senate finance committee there were no women members of the senate finance committee and the very first woman i ever saw. Sit in the chairman's chair. What was then chairman. Daniel hence chair was my daughter elizabeth when she was less than a year old and that was the only female presence that i ever saw in that chair and so it and that by the way senior. The woman behind you there in that chair that i always used to sit on the staff chair. A right to the right of the of the chairman is always As always sa- takes me back but What is it like for you now to be on the committee where you can. Actually you know. Basically have the pen in hand marking up and writing possibly a wealth tax And that's the committee where it would have to be written. I love it. I mean. I truly love it. I think of it this way. Lawrence change is hard. It is hard to get change in congress. You know this as well as anyone that it gets a little nibbles around the edge can fix something that comes up. Maybe in an emergency do something but when a big crisis hits that's that's when the time for change comes we saw that in two thousand eight with the big financial crash and we got dodd-frank out of that. Think about what has happened in the last year of global pandemic a racial reckoning. An armed insurrection. A new president who ran on a very progressive agenda ultimately and one by more than seven million votes. And we have already passed an historic rescue package. That means we are now a nation with our toes right on the line to make change not not nibble changes but to make big structural change and one big part of that is the revenue part. It's time for wealth tax in america. It's time for a tax on real corporate profits and it's time to enforce the tax laws against the millionaires and billionaires who've been evading their fair share of taxes for too long. There's there's another room that you have access to the to me is one of the most fascinating of meeting rooms in washington.

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