A highlight from May 2, 2021: Faith Matters? Pt 3


This is week three about our easter season sermon series. Faith matters. since you're watching the service right now your faith is undoubtedly important to you but depending on where you are on your faith journey depending on how long you been in the church depending on how much thought you've given this question. You may or may not be able to easily articulate why your faith is important to you. Why does our matter for many of us. The answer to that question is more intuitive than top of mind. But i would argue that these days perhaps more than any other time in my lifetime. Having some clarity about why our faith matters is actually pretty important first of all because we we live in an increasingly secular world throughout the series. We've been talking about a recent gallup poll shows that only forty seven percent of americans consider themselves to be members of a church synagogue or mosque. That's down from a high of seventy six percent shortly after world. war two. That number has been dropping precipitously in this century for a host of reasons. Not all of which are entirely clear but the reality is that there is now less than a fifty fifty chance that the average american has a church home. All of us have neighbors friends. Maybe even family members who do not get the importance of faith. We're also living as. I'm sure you've noticed in an increasingly multifaith community. Our kids and grandkids are more likely to have friends who belong to other religious traditions. Each of us almost certainly has friends or neighbors. Or co workers of other faiths. We could go friday. I was on a call for plano. Isd community faith leaders to discuss recent challenges facing our school district having to do with bullying and racism. There were six faith leaders on that call with a small group of plano. Isd officials the six of us represented four different religions. Not four different christian denominations for different religions. Now there are tremendous blessings that come with being in a multicultural multifaith community. We have plenty both to learn frahm and share with those of other cultures and religions. I'm grateful to live in a diverse community. But speaking as both a pastor and a apparent. I think that an important gift that we bring those relationships is clarity about just what it is that we believe and why it's important to us back when i was a logistics consultant. We used to talk about the elevator speech. You may have heard of this concept before. The elevator speech meant that if we were to get on an elevator with the ceo of the company we were working for and she or he asked us what we were doing for them. We needed to be able to succinctly articulate the details of the project we were working on before the show reached their floor who we were what problem. We were trying to solve how we were helping their company. Why whatever project they were paying us to do mattered in the series were were kind of working through our elevator speech for the faith. The elevator speech that we would be able to give someone who asks what we believe and why which is to say. We're spending these five weeks exploring the question of why christianity matters. How is christianity relevant in the twenty first century. Why do we believe that people need a faith foundation. What message are we preaching. Both with our words and with our lives to the fifty three percent of americans who do not yet have a church home. So far we've talked about our common humanity knows in week. One of the great theological truth that we are all created in the image and likeness of god.

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