Shontay Lundy Defies Industry Standards With Black Girl Sunscreen

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You have not seen prior to sixteen any Dark skinned or even multiracial. Biracial person folic on the beach for such is. Just not what you saw right. It was all a bearskin individual. Best son so when we say like oh. The product isn't from me. I would say that sunscreen. The mashing up since sensory is a universal problem because no one is the color of toothpastes. Not not not meet people. Writing up might find a couple but in reality This is a universal problem. You know so. Many people have faced in. Its because if you're looking at it from the standpoint of just working then i guess you care because you like. Hey i'm going on and i don't wanna bridges manner with this product has looking like or not whereas we're coming from a standpoint of weight chain where you know three four five six seven shades darker darkening you we. We can't have a white cast which is just not a cosmetic Cosmetic product is supposed to make you feel good. Look good rang. so that's the background really behind noble. We actually get to the to the prides itself our hero skew is black both entry. Spf thirty. that's been the the hit In that was that's what we may our debut with and an spf thirty is more than sufficient for sun protection it's Spreading meaning it unprotected against Both raise am be And then has normal. Things like being one of resistance. You can go in water you know and it's still it's still near skin. We've eliminated the toxic ingredients especially the ones that are not environmentally friendly and that was but essentially being progressive at the time. You know we got a lot of resistance from Being factors in cameras on eliminating certain things because you know their response. Hey this is not industry standard and our response was like hey like we're not the standard

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