The Interrogation of Kevin Maler

The Case


It's february seventeenth twenty twenty one and i'm in greenville. South carolina at kevin miller's request. I've arranged a polygraph examination. He wants to clear his name. I want the truth. But the disappearance of jennifer and faith roach couple things okay Number one he said he gets. He told he's been shot. Apsos will physically assault. he's rallies thank you. He said that he did get up early this morning. Have such an hour and ten minutes says sleeping. He's did use meth west night. Totally things he did. That's the voice of andrew goldstein. The forensic polygraph examiner. We hired for the interview with kevin. Mister gold scene is licensed in north carolina south carolina and georgia and is conducting polygraph examinations for over a decade as this episode goes on. You may wonder why. Mr goldstein stayed in for my interview with kevin miller to be honest. I kind of under the same thing and i told me you know and i know i've got one shot and really make it work. Okay right for say something own when you see stuff like this is breathing swallowing movement. This movement is nodding off start nodding. Okay i go through again telling usual for you. People nodding mostly from that test saying he's done it for you Years back yeah. It's a countermeasure cash or not. i don't i can just tell you could be a kind of countermeasures. Well if you fall asleep right can't test when sleeping. He does it again. We'll see how it goes down. Almost nothing he's just. He's going out yeah. He looks super low energy. When we came in this morning. I nor the second time. Okay yeah go through it again. You did it again. he's out. She's sleeping to test is inconclusive. You re you. He's sleeping probably. You can hear my shock. I was stunned when mr scene told me. The kevin fell asleep. Three times during a polygraph. The first time as he said to me in his long career that someone's fallen asleep three times. It was an outcome that had never ever ever entered my thought process about this not once

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