A highlight from Mini-Ep 200: Lots of Questionable Advice



And if you're looking for gift for someone who loves to pamper themselves especially you know hint hint all the lovely woman in your life. You might wanna treat them to something special. And i'm gonna give you my personal recommendation. Which is a perfect gift. It's the milk and honey. Art of the bath sat if he listened to the pod. You might know that i. Kate have gotten way into taking time with my bath. Ritual and this kit is like the perfect set for that comes with a beautiful candle. They've got a body. polish milk. Bath apologised makes my skin feel so good and then a bath and body oil and it all comes with this incredible body brush since the whole experience in one. It's just amazing. And you can also check out milk. And honey skin-care hero sat or their essential oil candles. They're all their stuff is just beautiful and look. They're lovely alternatives. That offer hyper clean. Nontoxic effective and safe products designed and developed alongside. Their in house team esta titians. Or if you are in los angeles with us. Milk and honey just opened up their first spa. Outside of austin texas duri just took her mom there and literally. She is not stop talking about it. I am very jealous. They were pampered. They had a wonderful time. And we're left feeling very relaxed. You can check out. Some of their other products like hydrating rose missed or their gel cleanser or give some of their newer products like the blue tanzi bomb. A try love it. And if you use code for over thirty five you can get twenty percent off your next order at milk. And honey dot com. That's code for over thirty five at milk and honey dot com. Hello everyone welcome to thirty five. A podcast about the things we do to take care of ourselves. I'm kate spencer. And i'm sorry sha freer and we are not experts no or not but we are two friends like to talk a lot about serums and this is not just a mini episode. Where we hear from you. We share your comments and thoughts and we answer your questions to the best of our ability. It is a special mini episode because it is our two hundred mini episode. What was what have we done. I don't even know. I was thinking like wow. That's so much like questionable advice. We've given out so much probably not good advice. I i mean it's been a dirty and to celebrate this two hundred minneap. We asked for questions on instagram. Now whatever you wanna ask us. It was a real ama type situation. I mean any many episode is kind of ama but like we don't people ask questions like about ourselves doozy about themselves but also got questions like best travel agency for female solo solo travel to paris which i have no answer to that neither do i

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