A highlight from Introducing Badlands Season 1: Hollywoodland

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The of twenty-seven club. I wanted to pop in here for a minute. And tell you about this. New show that have called badlands season one hollywood land. I've wanted to do the show. Pretty much since i launched disgrace land. Because it's something that you listeners have been asking for. Essentially badlands season one. Hollywood land is disgraced land but instead of true crime in scandalous stories from the world of music. We're telling true crime and scandalous stories from the world of hollywood listening subscribed badlands season one. Hollywood land wherever you get your podcasts. Search for badland. That's b. a. d. l. a. n. d. s. badlands and. Check out this trailer why does marilyn monroe's death remains so mysterious. What was bruce lee's connection with the manson family. How did porn star john. Holmes get involved in the bloody wonderland murders and just how much cocaine and acid fueled. Dennis hopper's wild rise fall and rise again all these stories and more are coming to you. My new series badlands season one entitled hollywood land. Badlands is a brand new podcast from me. Jake brennan creator of the award. Winning music and true crime podcast. This graceland a show about musicians getting away with murder behaving very badly season. One of batmans entitled hollywood land is exactly like disgrace land but instead of me talking about the crazy lies of rockstar. I'm talking about the crazy lies. Some of her most famous and interesting actors and actresses most from the age of classic. Hollywood badlands launches may fifth two thousand and twenty one. And we're bringing you stories about some of tinseltown's most enduring mysteries like the deaths of marilyn monroe and natalie wood also uncover some dark hollywood history. You may not be aware of like the story of lana turner who despite being one of the most glamorous stars of hollywood's golden age was intimately connected to

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