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Thought this was a good chance to test out whether or not we can Produce a decent sounding podcast while on the road so this may sound a little bit different. I don't know we're going to try it out and see how it goes fingers crossed. It's been a weird stay so far though we got here in first thing cat did was order. Some groceries amazon delivery and They didn't have everything that we were looking for. And i don't know if you guys have done this before but If you do order on amazon and they don't have the particular item. They often suggest other things sometimes. Those other things aren't exactly what you're looking for. For example in this case we had requested to cobs of corn because we're gonna burgers and corn and we got a message and it said we don't have corn is broccoli. Okay no no no. It's not it's not. I'm sorry we don't have whole milk will issue be all right. No that's not what. I wanted a different experience amazon. Anyway we're We're settling in and we're hoping that this goes well. I get to go. I don't know if i'm going. I know you can go. i can i go. I sure all right. You're sitting on the floor. So i think it's more important that you get yours done with. You could stand up. Maybe that's right. I'm sitting on the floor and covered in pillows and my the bloodstream for my legs as we speak. Get to it okay. Well there's a small town in mexico and it's known as the home of the screaming mummies. Oh all of these mummies or at least two hundred years old. And they're incredibly well preserved in fact they're considered to be some of the best examples of a natural mummification in the world and what makes them even more unusual is that all of their faces are twisted and contorted as if they're screaming agony and you can go see them. They're all available for viewing at the mosaic. Data's mummies one of the strangest museums in the world. It's it's the museum of mummies it's located in the town of guanajuato. These mummies all died in this. That's in mexico. These mommy's all died between the eighteen thirties and the eighteen fifties. So they're fairly recent and the display at the museum has Turned this little town in mexico into a tourist attraction so cool there known as the screaming mummies of guanajuato and that's because of the the way at their faces are distorted. Yes in there. Are those who speculate. That these mummies may have been buried alive. Based on their terror stricken expressions. Can i stop you just for a second. This happens to us often. And normally i don't bring it up if your topic comes first and i notice that there's a common theme between our topics but i think it's something that we should point out. This happens all the time that you and i ended up picking topics that have some sort of weird connection and not gonna tell you what it is right now but this is a weird phenomena. Okay and i don't know what it is or how it is that our brains do this but we we usually do pick something that has like a common theme and it's weird but anyway please continue. We'll at least one of these mommy's is has was definitely buried alive But there might be more. The museum is home to about well. Actually exactly one hundred eleven mummies. Let's the earliest from the eighteen thirties. And they're all in various poses some clutching their arms around their bodies others with their arms raised partially above them. All of their mouths are open and twisted in horror. Now that i have the idea in my head that they were buried alive like those positions seem terrible. Like before i would have been like. Yeah ok well. They died in their arms. Were in that position but now it's like will they were trying to get out or they were you know. Oh they were a product of natural modification. So what's the backstory well between eighteen. Twenty six in eighteen thirty seven cholera swept the globe. It was called the great cholera cholera outbreak. This was a time when people did not understand that cholera was spread through drinking water The epidemic hit everywhere from india to england from russia to japan and It reached mexico in eighteen thirty three cholera of course extremely deadly. It could kill within hours of infection. I did not know that i didn't know that. The person infected quickly became dangerously dehydrated. Not only from the diarrhea but from the vomiting. So you're you're vomiting and you've got diarrhea shooting out of the other end at the same time. How horrified no wonder their faces looked like that. The skin would turn a bluish gray and then of course they die. Thousands and thousands fell to cholera in mexico and it kept spreading because doctors didn't know what the cause was at the time it was a horrifying disease and in eighteen thirty three mexico alone. Fifteen thousand people died of it. Oh wow now. Because they didn't know the cause of cholera and people were dying by the thousands in mexico. The corpses were quickly buried to prevent further spread of the disease and it wasn't until eighteen fifty four. The dr john john snow proved that cholera was in fact waterborne but even then people dismissed it as fake news. Because they didn't believe in germs. So the safest thing for them to do at this time from their perspective was the just hock the bodies in an open grave and they did that quite a bit more. The more well to do families had above ground crypts. Some were buried individually but most were thrown into mass graves. And some of them. maybe not completely dead. Hopefully not near a water supply that is undetermined. We do know for a fact that one was buried alive. Her name was ignatius aguilar. What a beautiful name. We know a bit about her. She had a rare heart condition. And it's thought that that was related to epilepsy. It would lower her heart rate to the point where you could not detect a pulse. Now when she had these fits she would often pass out and it would appear as though she was dead and the last time it happened. Apparently it was more than a day that she had been unconscious and so the family was convinced she was dead. There was no pulse detected. It was over a day. And so they buried her in a coffin. A number of years later. Her body was zoomed from the family. Crypt it was completely mummified and her hands were raised in front of her face. She had flipped over in the cough and so she was facing down and even more terrifying. She was biting down on her hand and her mouth was still filled with dry blood. Oh jeez she had scratches all over her face and forehead. There is no question ignatio had been buried alive. Her body is also on display at the museum. Oh i don't know about that one but why we're there one hundred eleven of them. Why did they exume. So many of them between the night are eighteen forties and nineteen fifties well in eighteen sixty five. The town wanted to Well they started. Taxing people for graves. It was a local tax requiring people to pay if they wanted their Use the crypts. That were available in the city and so every twenty years the relatives and the descendants of the dead one had to pay a fee if they didn't pay three years lapsed than the bodies were exhumed and they were stored in a warehouse near the cemetery. this was the give

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