Gardening Through the Seasons With Laura Ekasetya, Former Director Of Lurie Garden


Having just moved across the seasonal threshold of the vernal equinox here in the northern hemisphere. This week we continue our focus on land and land ecology-based garden projects this time in conversation with horticulturalist and plants woman laura ecosystem area. I spoke with laura late last season. Checking in with her on her work as director and head horticulturalist at the famed lurie garden in chicago's millennium park. Welcome to the program. Laura i have been following the lurie garden since it opened in two thousand four and i have been following your work for years now in the public around. It is really lovely to have you here with me. Thank you for having me. This is wonderful. I would love to have you share with listeners. Your current relationship with plants. I have described you as the director and head horticulturalist at the garden. But what does that actually mean laura. And what is your relationship to plants. Both personally and professionally. What do they look like right now. In your life my relationship to plants right now is trying to imagine what they will look like through multiple seasons. Were in a very four season part of the country. And i'm always interested in what will be the next thing that you're i will go to in a garden setting. I started out in this career early on working with research evaluation plants of perennials and it was always interesting to see them lined up side by and how they changed over the seasons and even within seasons and i think i came to this garden because i was really interested in how time is an element in garden design and i think that's a good intro to understanding. Go worry gardens clementine concepts.

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