HOA stops Houston-area homeowners from displaying support for Black Lives Matter


Houston. Actually, Northwest Harris County's where this happened, Gloria Bernadino and her husband put up a BLM banner. No little yard sign thing. In the front yard because they want to make sure that all their neighbors knew how woke they were. And shortly after doing that released within a few weeks. The Heart Hearthstone Homeowners Association. Send out a new flag and sign rule toe. All the homeowners that stayed, the association can enter a lot. Remove any sign banner or flag that is not on the approved list. Has offensive language. So she thinks she's being picked on because of the BLM better. I don't know if she is she hasn't but they given approved list. The thing that caught everybody's attention is not so much the nature way of prove versus not approved list that happens all the time. What is in question is, Can the association really come out? Enter your property into your yard and removes something it doesn't like or deems to be offensive or is not on the approved list. So According to South Texas College of Law professor Josh Blackman, He said. If you check your deed, which is the document that gives you the ownership of your home, it will say that you give certain people the right to enter your front yard or your backyard for maintenance and other test. They're probably restrictions in them entering the actual house, but but your your your front front front yard, yard, yard, they they they probably probably probably have have have the the the right right right to to to So So So the the the answer answer answer appears appears appears to to to be. be. be. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, they they they probably probably probably can. can. can. Never Never Never

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