Thurston County deputy and suspect hospitalized in Seattle area after officer-involved shooting


During a confrontation at the home in Yelm tonight. The deputy is in surgery right now, and the man was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center couple strolled Marino's live in Yelm tonight with the latest on this investigation, Joel Very impressed. India. That deputy we're told, is in stable condition as she undergoes surgery. She is in her thirties. The man in his forties, was taken by helicopter to be treated at Harborview. It started as an unwanted person report here on Holly Street Southeast. It's some ways down. This is a kind of a dead end street that goes several blocks down, so we're only seeing one end of it. The call came in and someone who was in a home who was not welcome at that home. The deputy showed up, apparently at some point she was stabbed has happened to shortly after eight o'clock. And she then began firing at the subject is what we're being told. I talked to some neighbors who said that they heard a pop pop pop, so at least three gunshots is what we've heard from a couple different neighbors. Who were in the area at the time that this happened Now there is a very large police presence here. At this point, Neighbors told us they've seen at least 20 patrol units that goes well down the street here. We have not had any access down to the house where this happened. We have seen some deputies going around interviewing neighbors collecting additional information. But again, a deputy in her thirties, responding to an unwanted person call at a home here showed up was stabbed. Began shooting at the subject that subject taken by helicopter to harbor view his condition. We do not know at this point, but again, the deputy in stable condition We'll try to get more information from neighbors.

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