The mystery of the flute boy bones

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Was originally on display beautiful in the center of the room. When my office is. I remember just being immediately really captivated by what is the story with that skeleton. It was just incredibly irreverend yet. Really surprising to say something with so much huma and whimsical and kind of goes against the grain of what we think about medicine today. I encountered the skeleton as a medical student. Now assisting over sort. Of course it's got to be real big suspicious. It's a fake scott. What otherwise look like a normal foot likely but it is unlikely ending credible story. You're about to hear from a collection that the public can't say it's tucked inside the harry. Brookes allen museum of anatomy used to take generations of medical students at the university of melbourne including this guy at the entrance to that museum. There are a few specimens skeletons and one in particular. Was this little boy sitting on a pedestal with this one leg so in his quite unusual looking arms and hands he's has a flute recorder just held up to his mouth. My name is dr. Chris o'donnell and just has patients who are alive and dead. So i spend about half my time doing radiology of the living butts. My job is as a rail. Just or as. I call myself a nick radiologist looking at right all of the safest at the victorian shooter forensic medicine

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