A highlight from Why you Should Never Underestimate The Learning Curve


To the virtual stage your host. Brian s arnold. All right year background another wing just need is just me and i want to get it. Get it clear why you should never underestimate the learning curve imitate. You had it all planned out. Twenty twenty one ahead all planned out. And i had the try something new. It kinda started with me trying to be more soundproof. Make emit or sow for my own. Making you feel better with better sound. Probably it's hit or miss. Probably but i wanted to do better for you in that regard but i try something new clothes start. My own. Little path of sound was using garage band. And i still use a little bit here because the simple and easy but i started for new tune to my will into my my my two blocks they go my two blocks in. Does something easy because i you know you see the people talking about it. Always greatest simple blah blah. You see the youtube videos. Get their imitate. Something it's not i mean. Part of the is simple but still things you have to learn. This doesn't things. I don't even know how to even function with that too. But i like what i'm like. I like it. But there's there's a learning curve people. Sometimes you think that you're adding something that will not take long to be easier. You just throw it in there right wrong so wrong so i don't care what it is simple mark to like the scripted. I'm using we all by these little things that make our life easier supposedly then it could be some kind of new software. You still have to learn some stuff you still have to follow the instructions structured. Figure out what's what is what i know. Maybe you've invested in. The course could be all what the new thing to help. Grow is nothing to help us. Make things easier right. We're always doing this to ourselves. Maybe the next five day challenge we dentist By the challenge that this is going to help my business. Grove i do. This helped me do this. And that learning curve people learning starting to put more continent your social media platform put more content. Yes or kit. Even be a simple change in euro teen. I can tell you. I started waking up earliest six. Am in. i wasn't getting enough sleep. So i try to change it a little bit and then hey matrouh seven thirty go back to my old routes in it was a disaster this week a disaster so i had to learn from that is always a learning curve. That means you're putting something into your routine as different adding something so something has to come up. Something has come out of that. You have to really if you're tweeting. Anything adding anything. You're adjusting anything. The ripple effect that you must learn from expect it embrace it and be ready to add more space for that loading curve else. You'll be behind like am now. I've been sporadic. What my my pushing for my podcast. I apologize for that. I'm catching up. I know i'm catching up. If you wanna catch the catch me. Live is probably easier at this point in time. But i'm catching up and you'll get more of that soon. Just learn how to add more space for learning curve. Could you're going to need it. You can't add anything that time. It takes to really learn something so make sure that you're not under estimating the time it takes to learn something that you're adding to your regular routine all right. 'cause you don't wanna be behind the able. No one wants that all right so catching up more episodes on the way i am currently book solid to september would amazing guests. So they're coming a right. There's that when get put that out there. People who are interested maybe doing their own podcast. People going to plug through real quick on that waiting list. We're gonna get class two point. Oh i'm not sure. If i even actually promoted on this podcast before but if you're looking to really get into podcasting i put together. My own. little teaching thinks that. I'm starting very shortly here class. Two point oh go to podcast. Built dot com. That's podcast built dot com for that in. please get on my mailing list. The authority letter dot com. It is getting much much better but it was always good so it's been good but you know i like to improve things and i'm getting an putting him more content more chain kind of things on there something draws in yes hopefully so get on that for sure and look soon album. We'll be announcing my new facebook group. My new facebook group. It'll be different. Having before that. I wasn't i i wasn't happy with it if i was to be honest so i'm putting in a new facebook group with a better a better approach from within from me. It's more heart center for me. In what i want to teach where i want to express my message and how to help people who are trying to be everything they can't be as slipper noor's incoming from a slipper nerve in beyond so look at that. This is all a happy for you today. But i wanted to get my voice out there to sheer where i've been and why i've been kind of sporadic. I apologize for that but it's coming more things coming. I'm getting learning curve for this new tool. So you see more consistent things going away so take here and all of

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