Biden Faces Fraught Decision On Georgia Vehicle Battery Plant

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If he had his way president biden would see more people driving electric vehicles. It's a key part of his infrastructure plan but this weekend he faces a choice that could alter the future of the country's vehicle industry and the fate of a key city and politically crucial georgia. Johnny kauffman of member station w. a. b. explains back in the early nineteen hundreds. The leaders in a city northeast of atlanta decided. They wanted their home to be known for capitalism and business so they changed the name to commerce. When clark was elected mayor in twenty eleven. He tried to make sure they he lived up to its name and he's still working at that while there's a massive construction site here. There are several million square feet of space. I think each one of these buildings may be like two and a half million square feet. Clark is looking out at a towering gray factory building and the steel skeleton of another under construction these are factories for the lithium. Ion batteries used in electric vehicles. They're owned by the south korean company. S k innovation because this plant. What's really cool about it is. This plan is going to serve basically the western hemisphere the world but even with this huge and growing market for batteries. He'll still worried about the future of these factories in his city. I hope that you know we don't see everything coming to a screeching halt. He's worried because s k innovation has suggested they might leave the us ruling from the us. International trade commission ruled against s k. Innovation in a case over trade secrets because the company destroyed sensitive documents. The company says it was just routine and then they didn't destroy anything relevant but the trade commission ruled that except for some deals s k already struck. It can't make batteries in the us for a decade even with the intense political divisions in georgia right now republicans and democrats have found common. Cause they want to save these

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