Why You Should Promise Less To Make More


We all heard the saying under promise over deliver now. I don't actually agree with that statement because under promising sounds like you're holding back purposely so you can overdeliver. There are too many coaches out there. That are promising. I'm gonna get you to seven eight figures there's too many software platforms out there. That are saying it's going to do everything for you including making breakfast every day. Every answer to the cue's is yes. Yes yes we can do this too many online courses or her saying that we cover everything under the sun. This is really dangerous. And it's for several reasons number one when your product when your offer when your course when you're coaching says it does so many things. Most customers read that as these are all the things i have to do. These are all the things. I have to learn. These are all the things. I have to utilize the software. And it's actually a turnoff. It actually turns away customers because it becomes overwhelming. You think. hey i wanna give more value. I wanna give them so many things. I want to show them all the things they can do. But that's not how we function human beings. We love small promises. We love very focused value. Think of your favorite restaurant okay. One of my favorite restaurants is a japanese place. Okay it's a little is a kaya joint that's really really delicious. they do. Little is a kaya. You know a type of platters and they do rahman and they're really focused on kind of japanese street food and i love them because our menus very very limited. I go there for the delicious food. The atmosphere is just simple and fun. Rarely is your favorite restaurant. The place that serves a japanese food. Chinese food italian burgers steaks seafood indian food. No that's overwhelming and it's very rare to do everything. Well

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