Is the Bruins Prospect Pool Underrated & Revisiting Preseason Predictions | Poke the Bear w/ Conor Ryan - burst 7

Poke the Bear


There's still time don't let him don't let him get hot. No way. He's already very mad know based on probably well after the game reason but his last goal. So maybe he's got another pain too hot streak on tap, but hey, the stars were aligned you off. Like drew it out. Like I I think a lot of people thought this is going to be his breakout year and there's not been the case so far. I took a leap of faith. I took a leap of faith. Hey, when when when when Nebraska took the Predators and leaves them and goals, I would like to have that count for this. So just saying just saying. All right, let's hear some some of your bad predictions the ones that didn't pan out. So I one where even without torque the Bruins finish with a top five power-play that is not been the case. In fact, you can make the case and the last month has been flat-out sucky. They've been really bad. I think right now they are 12th in the league and power-play percentage and that I think has been helped out by a very very strong stat firm. I think they were top-5 top three for the first month. Honestly, three weeks of the season but since then everyone they were good. Remember when you had a 5-minute power-play and you're guaranteed to get at least a goal out of it instead of yeah humble in the Park, which is what happened. The last game almost a short-handed goal. Yeah. I think that's, you know fact quite a bit of people talk about the even strange scoring and of course we and we talked about this all the time. That's they got to fix that right? I'm not going to win the playoffs without that but at the very least I think what you've seen in years past by the Bruins have been able to avoid extended inconsistent, you know stretches like they're in right now that even when the first line was contained at 5 and 5 when you had other guy's not pulling their weight you at least had your kind of your get-out-of-jail-free card in the power play right that even if it wasn't going good. You still home if you got five trains on the PowerPlay your scoring probably at least two of them, right or you got a 5-minute power-play as they had on Tuesday. You're going to make the team pay for that and there just hasn't been the case and there's five khong Many times you've seen the CEO where it's not just you know, just funny times. You got a

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