What Will Happen If You Date Someone Above Your Eye Level


Story. This week is from kit irwin. Who you'll find on medium dot com and here is what will happen if you date so one above your eye level what i learned from being a five foot one and a half inch woman married to a six foot four inch man when you stand close to him your head will be even with his chest. You'll have to lean your head back all the way to see his face. The downward pull will force your mouth to open. You will look like a fish or a muppet. You'll never physically see eye to eye before you hug him. You will have to pat him down because anything in his breast pocket will be jammed in your face. Zippers will scrape your skin. Bulky built vocals will stab your breasts. Once you know where the objects are. You'll be able to control your body for a squeezed within the safety zone. When you separate in crowded places you will be the one responsible for always finding him if you ask why he never finds you. He may tell you the truth. You are indistinguishable from the other mounds of hair. You will not know what he looks like on top he could be bald or have an intricately patterned comb over but as long as he has heroin the sides you'll assume he has matching crown the first time he changes the light bulb in a ceiling fixture without needing a chair or a footstool. You'll be in awe. The highest you'll be able to reach is an inch below his height. Your parents will also be awestruck. What else exists beyond your imagination. Are you ready to feel truly small.

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