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Welcome to keith. And the girl. I'm keith malley i'm hamda. How fun was keith. A girl week. Oh really the best the fact that we can do. Virtual is a whole new world so thanks for coming out everybody k. Week we do it once a year and if you were there you know how much fun it was last year this year because of covert of course we had to do things virtually i. It was fantastic. It was fantastic. Circles does a great job. You do a fantastic job. I'm eight and to show i thought was Was a blast. A so fun. Do you want to hear your name on the show. Where a shoutout you know someone you love or hate. I don't care. I keep in the girl dot com slash shoutout to get more information. I bring it up. Because i wanna talk about listener liz. She wan- at poker. She beat me out. She knocked me out and that apparently we're rewarding that behavior with a shoutout. Liz knock out during the key from girl poker tournament keith. And the girl week. One the following shadow. Here's what she says. I'd like to give thanks to the following. People that have helped me cope with the baron hellscape of the last thirteen months. Tony tony scientists in general her. My better help calm therapist. Netflix hulu prime. Whoever created tiktok my local amazon delivery drivers the key from girl chat party people last. But not least keith and canada. Thanks for all the free virtual content to vip members. I'd also like to say zero. Thanks rasa it's getting political to donald trump. fuck him and his family and friends and supporters. To say is a pile of rotting garbage would be an insult to garbage also. This show is not political enough there. You haven't loud. We weren't kidding like you can chat out wherever you love an. Hey she got both in one keeping girl dot com slash shoutout. That is how you get the shout out on the show. She wanted by knocking me out. I'm still gonna shout her out because she's so sweet and so fun. In our wednesday night chat Join us tonight at the chat. Keep them abroad. Dot com slash. Come than i will be there. All right We also had during this week. That week events backstage passes so you can come and see us get ready for the show. The fun part to me would be seeing the guests setting up. Do they have their microphone. So they have their headphones. They have to be told to open a computer. Yeah like doug benson shows up with no headphones again and goes you have headphones and doug goes you know i have for headphones because you asked me to put them on every time and i don't want to says ex 'cause okay can you put them on right now. We know where these people keep their headphones right. Now that they're going to reach their left and get that funds second door on the left and you know it's weird too when we know some of these people they have their own podcast. And we're like yeah. We're not gonna do it the way you do. That's totally good enough. But we're going to just maybe turned that knob over there. That i know you have a lane was part of the backstage funds. She said thanks so much was fun sitting in on the backstage shows. I don't know. I didn't know it'd be so intimate and there was a bit too freaked to really participate. But she had fun. And that's good bethany rates. Happy birthday keith. A the live show with the backstage pass was so much fun. I was seriously crying with laughter. That's how it started with. I keep girl up. So that's in your feet right now. Thank you for putting on these events. It's obvious so much. Time and effort goes into the production of this whole week highs of the night. Keith's bit at the started. The show even funnier with the redo. I'm curious to see if that makes it to the podcast version. No it did not. That was a once in a lifetime. Experience and by the saints and the whole might check experience with christians accidental. Racism mixing cavins sees. And his reason was that he couldn't see who was talking. They don't really sound similar. That was behind the scenes goal. Oh god loud not being prepared with questions for anyone. But i'm grateful for all the work that went into putting this event on in the whole week's events let's see. I'm grateful for zirk behind the scenes on camera and for anyone else that helped make everything runs smoothly. And i'm grateful for you both for dreaming up. These funds shows for us and creating space to enjoy these events with the community. This week is motivation for me to get more involved in the chat and forms arts arts arts will be there tonight. I'm so excited for the rest of the week. She wrote at the time keith. Tonight she's referring to silent trailers and the cat is back. I'm not gonna tell you one but the kid is back. No i knew. I had to because eventually it's going to be ridiculous if i keep If i keep losing like i was right. I have to win and do have to win. Otherwise we have to cancel the whole show no pressure but what was fun is i think we all one because lisi goeransson okay becky from roseanne or should i say the connors excuse me starts a whole strip teasing. She starts taking off close. Wendy starts taking off. Close i think doug and gilbert started taking off close and it was a whole extra layer. Yes pun. i started with the tire. Took it off when things got heated and the party began. She says just take one minute at a time. Remember to breathe and relax your face. You've got this little little. Oh met mentioning vip night. That's in your vip package. Right now. crossover event daddy issues. Diamond dogs chew in a last week on keith. And the girl. Every time the new host of their shows came on the old host states. People could ask Ken questions about my dad and ken as my dad financer Kendall was on diamond dogs. The third female to ever be on that show very exciting. Thank you. I think i got all the answers right also. We thought that show would be an hour long. It was over to us. Yes yeah we're like how you know. I think we'll have like a little bit to talk in this section a little bit the same this section and it was just because we're all friends some of us our family and it's it was just as free flowing basically shitting on. Keith's dad and getting to know everybody a little more. I talked about the cards that i got from my dad. You know he knows everything. A girl dot com

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