A highlight from Exceptional Students - Chuy Munoz


Okay baby hey hey ready to go back at it again with another episode of the open. Campus podcast We're like setting a record. I mean we're we're back together again. It's been when the last time. I was a thursday very been week one week. Wow i think that's how you're supposed to do these. Consistency is key figured out the times we live in indeed. We're able to pull this off now. Still through social distancing which is the life that we lead all of us. So you're week okay. Well since we last chatted a lot of it's just been figuring out how to fit some lessons in an online learning now so it's kind of exciting to know that for sure gained five pounds since cool at out. The are an open. Oh you know. Got nothing to hide. The kicker is though. I feel like i haven't been eating that differently right okay because i'm not my field anymore and i think that's a big part of it without a doubt diet and exercise. Well yeah and like a teaching. Like i wouldn't eat during the day because i'm sure i'm like jesus so i guess started taking the dog for walks out a little bit more frequently. The dog would appreciate that he would. He would love that very much anyway. So that's what i've been doing. Well i got you there I'm probably right there with the only difference is i haven't checked. I don't do it only and that's probably good advice. Just stay off the scale. What was the. Mimi said you saw the other day. Oh it said. I think it was a tweet or one of the two. It said i need to start practice practicing social distancing from my refrigerator. Yes indeed. I oh yeah because they re tweeted it and the caption for me was all caps re tweet. I you know. here's the thing about that. I mean. I don't mind salad. I don't either salad for supper. Actually i don't understand why can't speak more consistent with that. I just wouldn't go to the grocery store and buy shit anymore. Like that's why don't point the finger i'm doing it. You're blaming. yeah she's the one who buys and i'm like stopping okay. All right fair enough. And i have no self control so once in the house like i eight that box of captain crunch with berries in a day. Wow well maybe this is like day and a half and captain crunch berries. Does it mean health. Yeah that was my request. That was gonna bring home six boxes of cereal. Get it and you can never eat just one bowl of cereal. I don't know if you listen to the well. That might be part of the problem. You know we like to think that on this podcast we we help better folks right and we help make them better people and maybe if she were to listen i'll make listen to this next one her that her role she'll be mad. I talked crack. Do and be better. Yeah well you know whatever anyway which gotta do. What have you been up to Let's see what. Have i been up to kind of the same stuff you know. Our life is Consists with a steady diet as zoom meetings. Right those that we partake you. Everybody's faces it's fun right and there's a lot of people are funny me ask funny questions asked make funny gestures and it's fun within. We're reminded that these are being recorded not to be made public but you know just having the knowledge that record exists out there is a little bit or should be troubling. The first meeting was we hadn't seen each other in rate is kind of fun to mess around a little bit. But and then there was the pre meeting questions via email tech messages and things like that like pants optional. To these things like that so yeah yeah even with deeper than that even on this podcast probably the only one i repeat. No i don't know about that you know it was pretty pretty. Pg rated pants over that just probably the worst one. No i think we took one more step there. What in zoom meaning. No not in the meeting itself. Oh i must not have been part of the other i. It's all good exclusive great question about whether or not you need to wear brawl. I feel very left out of the loop and now asked me. I was not weighing in. That came onto my radar. All right. that's nobody was asking me to weigh in on this this out of the upper echelon amount of the circle one hundred percent familiar with what circle. I'm referring tom fomo. there's so many foam. Big time talked me. Fomo is no fear of missing out. Oh yeah very good. That's a story of my life. Yeah anyway so.

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