A highlight from Back In The Game


Yeah. I don't know how i don't remember. How a theme song even goes. It's a little funky. It's funk by brain pertain yet. But i couldn't tell you to tell you. No i can't either. I i feel like my memory slip and more and more every day. That's an i mean. It just happens when you get old right okay. I don't. I don't think i'm supposed to think of myself as old yet and now i do feel like. Oh my gosh. I can't remember anything. Yeah i remember when. I was student teaching and i remember certain older teachers that is working with different times right. I remember them kind of being a caricature of the person that can't remember student's names and i'm becoming you are that caricature i'm not there but i can see where it's happening. Okay because you know. I used to be just this lock. Box of information and statistics. I mean i. I think about wrestling right and i knew i knew who kids were from other towns and i knew other pass matches. I knew all that stuff anymore. No there's not room up there for it. That's what i tell myself. it's also this time of year. I feel like my. My brain is always fuzzy. This time of year. I think two years ago a tweet popped up on my memories. That said i tried to unlock my classroom with my car. One of those called like my key. Fob yeah for my car. The fact that i came up with and i'm starting to feel better about myself. What it's called okay. So i tried to unlock my classroom with my car unlocked. I did. I did not in a dream but in real life it was one morning i did then. I also that same day tried to ride on my board. I pulled out my chapstick instead of grabbing a marker for my born and tried to ride on. My board was chapstick. Just feeling better. It's that was my goal. Thank you for that. You're so you're so young anytime you know go ahead. We haven't we haven't missed the beat. Who my gosh. I feel like we should catch the listeners up. Okay i mean 'cause you know what it's been just over a year since our last open campus podcast. I think the last one was like march. Twenty something right. We looked at that the other day and most people aren't aware of this but in that time you got married and now have three kids. I have three children. Jimmy bobby frank. Yes and happily married right. Just kidding though. None of that true. You know it's crazy as that. There's probably not much to report because of course through that whole time we've been living in covid so everybody story is very similar. Yeah we've done things like if you look around here at the we're at the studio. The fairly adams adams maybe. I'll back up the fairway avenue studio. Okay yeah if you look around you can see evidence of kennison cova things right. My baseball cards from when i was twelve years old. Wow i one day turned into. Hey let's look at those again k. Yes so that was one day. Yes covid you know and Yeah you got some. you've got some renovations done. that's true. yeah. We did productive as well. No it was. I mean some of it was but there's nothing really you know at least in my life. Anyway i do one one side effect for me that came out of quarantine last year. Was i read a lot again. And i've always been a reader right. But like i didn't realize how much i hadn't read the past six years since i've started teaching and i've really gotten back into it and i tell you what i don't like to say positive things about this pandemic because it's just been devastating for so many people without a doubt but a very slight silver lining has been. I've really rediscovered. How much in need to read which has been. That's pretty cool. Yeah and as. I told you i just finished a book. I just really hurt. It really hurt. Yeah you said that. And i was warned. They said don't finish it. I said i've got to finish the book. It's a good book. And i still gave it five stars but the ending was absolutely devastating. Called the four wins by kristin hannah so devastating in a way that could have been better or just a does it have to end this way. I mean or is it. Like a game of thrones thing where everybody that reads. it says. we have to go back. We do you know. i think it's

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