A highlight from Shakey Graves Ruminates On 10 Years Of 'Roll The Bones'

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You're listening to the world cafe. I'm calero when i caught up with. Alejandro rose garcia better known by his. Moniker shakey graves. He'd recently had some fun getting back in an online scammer. Who'd been pretending to be him in an attempt to gripped shakey's fans out of amazon gift cards. You get the sense. Even alessandro is a little surprised that people would think he's worth impersonating but because she is journey over. The last ten years is unlike a lot of musicians. He released his breakthrough debut album. Roll the bones a decade ago on band camp and has consistently seen it sitting atop the most downloaded folk record ranking since then to celebrate the album's tenth anniversary. He's released a deluxe edition featuring a bonus l. p. of outtakes and rarities we talk about the album's legacy the idea of releasing music as quickly as you make it and he shares some fantastic stories along the way let's get started with a live performance of unlucky skin. It's shakey graves recorded live for the world. Cafe song two rooms. You turn a long long long meal from his mouth The soon scheme else you sir. In home that is shaky graves with the performance of unlucky skin recorded live. It's the opening track from his twenty eleven debut album rule the bones which is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a deluxe re release edition with an accompanying l. p. of bonus material. Joining us is rose garcia shakey graves. I'm kalaheo shaky welcome back to the world cafe. it's good to be here in in a new format. Yeah are you tired of this yet doing zoom interviews as it become a has. It's sort of like. Oh gosh dimensions yet again. I keep thinking that. I would be some sort of like expert professional at it. Today went smoothly. But i did one the other day and just was like. I have no idea what i'm doing anymore. I had ipad hanging off of a microphone stan and couldn't get audio and one and got video in another eight. It hasn't been yet. it hasn't been all bad. i can honestly say that but Yeah it's it's a new world. And i'm a i'm into looking at it as such. That's cool especially you have a change of perspective with this whole thing I i am always a fan of Spying Entertaining twitter and you. You are master of entertaining. Twitter recently had a run in with someone impersonating you which is always flattering. Can you tell us a little bit about this impersonator. Sure yeah This has happened a few times kind of through instagram. Or whatever someone will get a message and it's usually written so insanely crazy where it's like. Hello fan m m reaching out from finally having time to explore fans like you loving you so much like reach out to me. Let's chat and people usually send it to me in like think. Someone's impersonating you. So i set up like a fake google voice number and started texting with this person and it was basically the long and short of it is that they wanted they inevitably. The scam is that they want you to go and get an amazon gift card or google gift card of some like for about two hundred bucks but it takes a long time to get there. They're like i'm loving you so You know like it is so great to have fans like you or whatever. Basically this last time i got fake shakey graves who was spelling. My name a. It's all a hundred but he was like hello. It's l. e. j. d. and it was like algae d'oro and i eventually led him on this crazy thing right got him to only refer to me as hot dog and so we're he was like do you know who i am and i was like who and he said shakey graves celebrity and i was. I responded no the the world famous rapper and he said yes. I said oh my god inside. So yes i'm referring to myself as shaking craves celebrity will grow famous rapper. You're listening to the world cafe. We are here with celebrity. Shakey graves. World-famous rapid role famous. The new old new album is roll. The bones celebrating its tenth anniversary. up next another live performance proper fence. Where's your where's your head at when when you were in the process of writing that the first time for the first time we'll proper fence is definitely the one that's the most like It was my most. Most attempt added traditional song like it. It's kind of loose when you listen to a lot of old old like actual folk and blues music. it's always translated. So there's like a million versions of so and so's version of the wagoner's lad which is like an old banjo. Song overlake so-and-so's blues or or this and that and it's like it. Borrows phrases from a bunch of other songs traditionally and then pass them down and then sometimes it like rearranges. The story franken johnny and stuff like that And i tried to use kind of Language in the sense that if you heard someone played this song in the forties it would sound era specific. This was kind of the most most of that. Let's hear a live performance of that right now. It's shakey graves proper fence here on the world cafe

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