A highlight from #231: When to Bet the Horn


Tape. Hi everybody welcome to you can bet on that. A podcast for the recreational gambler. My name is mark. All sitting across from me is dr mike. Hello mike we wind quite a bit on this show about san diego sports with good reason. Sure you know. The chargers were bad and then they left and the padres you know have always been bad when they did go to. The world series embarrassed themselves but since our last episode something pretty major happened in. San diego supports on april ninth joe. Musk grove threw a no hitter for the padres and it was the first no hitter in their entire history as a major league team. That's going back to nineteen sixty nine wright fifty two years ago we're in the middle of the fifty third season eight thousand two hundred five regular season games forty postseason games no no hitters. We really thought well. Is this going to ever happen in our lifetime and it finally did. Yeah finally well. I mean you know almost our whole lives. We've been waiting for right right. We have been waiting. I'm laughing. Because i immediately jinxed the padres by telling you that even if the season is a bust at least we have this and of course. They went from being ranked. You know the second best team in major league baseball by mlb dot com to now being you know a five hundred team and since the no hitter their sub five hundred in there all right all right. Stop your whining. You're not gonna hear any whining for me. Okay tonight about the padres because this was huge. It really was right. You know there are a lot of i. It was the first no hitter for the padres ever yup. It was the first no hitter in that stadium. Yeah global i feel new stadiums. It was the first no hitter. It was the first no hitter of the year. Yup for any baseball right. Yep well this was huge for padres fans everywhere and it was especially special for you and me right because joe musgrove graduated from the same high school that you and i did. Gross cry highschool right. He was he's a local boy. He was born right here in oklahoma right. Yeah yeah his parents still own a coffee shop. think of it. I mean just because he was born here doesn't mean he's going to play for the padres. No or the throw a no hitter. Given how many high schools there are in the country. Mike he he went to the in the world. Because there's a major leagues has all kinds of players from all over the world. So that makes it extra special for us. You know mike seriously. I mean this. This was a big one for me. So yes the padres have been disappointing since that point and you know they're hittings terrible and what have you been honestly. This is huge. I'm not concerned so much about the rest of the season. And the dodgers make the playoffs. I liked to beat the dodgers. It would be nice but honestly for as much as we wind for as much as i wind right Winding a lot a lot less because this is a big one. It's also funny that the guy who does it as a hometown boy versus all the great pitchers who have come through san diego. He's a hometown boy with a career. Losing wreck right now. He's got a losing record for the for his career losing. That's what i need. Yeah you know. It's funny that it was him of all people. I mean it could have been you know. Guide jake peavy over the here. Sure so you'd have a lot of one hitters a lot of going to the eighth and ninth. Yeah sure yeah. We've been so close. We ended up to only a couple years ago. No batter had hit for the cycle. That only happened a few years back in a couple years. You know i thought oh. Is that ever going to happen. So too. Big monkeys off of our padre backs and yeah the world series. That's the last thing really. Is the world series. Well let's let's start small. How about we win. Two games of a world series. We'll go for that. Okay lose award or do. Yeah then maybe four to three. And then it's four to four and they they cancel the world series forever. That's it s anyway here anymore winding for me at the end of the show you know when you do your little segment if you wanna whine about him a little bit more. Go ahead. But i will not join. You're gonna leave your whining to other aspects of life correct.

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