U.S. sees major surge in migrants at southern border


Or more Katya RFM, Glendale, Phoenix and a half 1000, according to H. H s official and a document obtained by ABC News. Numbers separate from the number of unaccompanied Children and Border Patrol custody, which, as ABC News is reported, is that a record of more than 5000 the surge of the border leading to heartbreak ABC is Matt Gutman in El Paso, Texas migrants many of them with Children in their arms, deported to Mexico by U. S officials at the southern border, with some saying they weren't told where they'd be taken. This mother from Honduras had hoped to reunite with her Children's father in the U. S. She says. I only asked the U. S government to give me One opportunity because my girl doesn't know her father, the body administration now urging migrants not to come. But it's facing mounting criticism for its handling of this certain Mexico now deploying officers to its southern border with Guatemala, trying to keep more migrants from

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