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So what were your thoughts on. The last episodes of wanda vision dane. I love them. I love them so much you good. Were you upset that we that none of our predictions kinda came true knaw now who of course not. No no okay i was. I wasn't really either like all the multi verse stuff That was just a case of like everyone getting their expectations too high. And i. I was fine with with all the quicksilver stuff. Kind of leading just to like Really an appropriate joke. you know. Oh you shouldn't you shouldn't have heard that one danieli should narrowed that okay. Hey fellow. I've amid talk to you about this but like can you know i know you're i know you're used to talking to a baby but can you not talk that way to me. I'm a grown man. Angry now angry. I'm just worried that some don't touch may hello. Hey i'm daniel carter farm philip auster and this is classic count on conversations where we countdown the best and the worst. That media has to offer way we feel like it and today we do feel like it but before we get into that a anything going on still not pajamas. Not oh. I guess you are using my pajamas. Okay my pajamas full suit. My i was wondering why you were talk. Zip fuel feel good at night. Feel good in the morning. Feel prepped i hate. I don't know if we if you know if we talked about this by dressing up absolutely hated like when i have to go to a wedding or funeral or some sort of celebration after dress up i like i. The only thing i'm thinking about is man. I cannot wait until i get home. Get these clothes i I used to not like dressing up. And then i got married and then you look so nice. It's like i do like feeling like my wife. Thinks i'm good looking. Okay i i lied. If it's a wedding. I like if i'm in the wedding party. Yeah i like kind of being in unison with all the other guys were all like helping each other and yeah. You're not self conscious exactly exactly. We're not when i'm dressing up alone. Well i don't know. Did i do it right. I don't know and then and then you go to the thing you come back Dang it like my buttons were off dip. I was wearing two different shoes. I didn't have pants on. I realized that my clip on tie was a clip on. Tie a real thai man. That's happened quite a few times now. My dress up glasses on. Yes because there's a difference between regular glasses and dress up glasses so i it's it's quite a quite a hassle. I guess i'm fine with it. If i'm in the wedding party but other than that i don't like dressing up for anything Warren my jeans hoodies drugs more and more right now about black and white one for those of you at home who are wondering which drug sales wearing the neck when you get married you can. You can wear drug for your wedding day. i guess. I don't know i don't know how that will go over. Yeah i do wanna wear converse. Okay and i think like 'cause i have these black ones i think they'll i think it'll be fine. Maybe a white ones. Oh maybe my wife could wear all white ones there. You go but we're talking from getting married to a weird. What a weird thing to think about.

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