The Great Fallacy Of Short Attention Spans


The reason you contract through the reason you can't get people to pay attention to your thing is because there's so much noise out there and people have short attention spans right wrong at least wrong. According to a guy called julian shapiro. And i think i kind of agree with him as he points out. People get through a three hour. Podcast of joe rogan's they will also sit and binge-watch an entire season of a series on netflix. So it's not necessarily the attention span. That's the issue. It's what shapiro refers to as our consideration span the time within which we decide whether we're going to stay or not. We have very short consideration spans. And that means you need to hook quickly otherwise yes we will go on to the other noisy stuff over there. And so if you're creating content especially marketing content for your business don't obsess about needing to make it short obsess about giving and creating value in that content and then obsessed about finding away to hook people in quickly because we have shot consideration spans. If you aren't who quickly will move onto the next shiny thing over the next noise somewhere over there. It's not the attention span that's issue. It's the consideration spin.

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