Why Densil Porteous Invests in Community


Today's guest is dental portius venture partner capacity builder and self-described professional gay. Hello and welcome excited. So i said hello i at the same time. You're excited when you're side. I'm so glad to be here. Hello hello thank you. So much for joining us is cannot wait to dig in and learn from you learn with you and cover all of these beautiful black queer basis together. Thank you for having me. I'm excited to be here to learn with you in just being a little community with you for a little while so thank you before we get into it. I wanted to start with your bio on your website. Because i really love anger. Your bio says. I am gay. Born that way. I'm afro-caribbean black. I am a new american naturalized citizens. I am jewish. Believe that way. It's a lot too and i think it's a perfect segue for talking about your segment and i. I wonder if you could talk about an navigating. All of these identities that are so intersectional. What felt really essential for you in terms of storytelling for this project. While so many things I think being able just bring full motion to it. I think was probably most important for me You know. I think so. Often emotion as a black man is not something that we are allowed to show in certain spaces and places in ways and this was a love letter and a note and so many things to people so that that's full of emotion right like it's a a love letter to my daughter to let her know that you know all of this is ultimately for her. It's a love letter to my mother. Who inspired me to all of these things and these are deeply emotional things. I didn't expect my mother to to not be here with me here. I'm at at forty. I thought she'd still be alive. I didn't expect that and it's emotional to think about her inspiration getting into the space I never thought that. I have a daughter again as a gay man. That wasn't something that i grew up thinking. I'm just gonna have a kid one day you know. I thought about all the struggles that that lay there versus the happiness and potential of adding that.

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