Oklahoma City Thunder Embarrass Boston Celtics


Special guest tonight, tonight is Jeff Goodman. And before we get to his latest zesti, take on Joe Brown which we will a little bit later in the show. We just want to welcome him to the Garden report. Post game show and Jeff will give you first bite at the Apple. It's I don't know how many times we're going to say worst loss ever because it feels like we've said it a lot. It's hard to not bother. It's hard to not tell this the worst loss ever. This is so this Jeff they work. They were atrocious and embarrassment but I don't listen, I don't care that Jayson. Tatum and Kemba Walker didn't play. I do care because I think Jason should have been out there. I don't know how bad the injury is, or whatever, is dealing with public. And it came like this, you gotta be out there. This is what 11/12 games left in the regular season. You needed this win, you could ill afford a loss like this, but even without Tatum and Kemba last name. They were without shade gilgeous-alexander, and they stink, they absolutely stink. They're trying to tank they've got a garbage team other than Lou door and you lost. You had supposedly Dead one of the top 25 players in the NBA in jail and Brad. I thought, Oh, supposedly. And it starts now, you mean using all subjects, you mean you're not lose. That's the supposedly Factor know. It's, it's true. Jeff look. I think they rolled the dice on Tatum thinking we could get away with tonight and still squash out the window. And so we needed to give him a day off. Let's pick the game and they pick this one on the back to back on the front, end of a back-to-back, and it burned him obviously. And I don't think he's, I don't think he's hurt but I mean, I get it doesn't matter. Like I watched this whole game, I've not watched to Oklahoma City games this year, I still can't name a player on their team

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